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Total PSI 3630 Medium Impact Polystyrene

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Polystyrene (PS) , Polystyrene, Impact Modified
Manufacturer Total Atofina
Trade Name PSI
Port Ningbo port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
3630 is an easy flowing, medium impact polystyrene for injection molding. This grade offers a good compromise of flow and softening point allowing for the production of large and complex articles at good cycle times. The ease of coloration and good surface finish of this grade give a wide range of applications.ApplicationIndividual ice cream pots, Flower pots, Office equipment, Shoe heels, Assorted boxes, Bathroom accessories.Information provided provided by Total Petrochemicals.Total Petrochemicals acquired former Fina and Atofina plastics product lines. This product was previously known as LACQRENE®
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 1.05 g/cc
0.0379 lb/in³
ISO 1183
Water Absorption <= 0.10 %
<= 0.10 %
ISO 62
Linear Mold Shrinkage 0.0040 - 0.0070 cm/cm
0.0040 - 0.0070 in/in
Melt Flow 15 g/10 min

@Load 5.00 kg,
Temperature 200 °C
15 g/10 min

@Load 11.0 lb,
Temperature 392 °F
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Rockwell R 84
ISO 2039-2
Tensile Strength at Break 25.0 MPa
3630 psi
ISO 527-2
Tensile Strength, Yield 32.0 MPa
4640 psi
ISO 527-2
Elongation at Break 30 %
30 %
ISO 527-2
Tensile Modulus 2.30 GPa
334 ksi
ISO 527-2
Flexural Modulus 2.40 GPa
348 ksi
ISO 178
Izod Impact, Notched (ISO) 6.00 kJ/m²
2.86 ft-lb/in²
Charpy Impact, Notched 0.600 J/cm²
2.86 ft-lb/in²
ISO 179/1eU
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
CTE, linear 91.0 µm/m-°C

@Temperature 20.0 °C
50.6 µin/in-°F

@Temperature 68.0 °F
Vicat Softening Point 81.0 °C
178 °F
50N (T° increase = 5°C/h); ISO 306B50
90.0 °C
194 °F
10N (T° increase = 50°C/h); ISO 306A50
Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
Surface Resistivity per Square >= 1.00e+13 ohm
>= 1.00e+13 ohm
Dielectric Strength 150 kV/mm
3810 kV/in
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