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Multibase Multi-Pro® 4008 RC Medium Impact 40% Glass Filled Polypropylene Polypropylene with 40% Glass Fiber Filler
Polymer Resources NY6-G30 Nylon 6, 30% Glass Reinforced Nylon 6, 30% Glass Fiber Filled
Petroquimica Triunfo Trithene® TS 9022 MDPE - Overwrap Packaging MDPE
3M Dyneon™ Fluorel™ FE-5610Q Fluoroelastomer VF2 + HFP Dipolymer  (discontinued **) Thermoset Fluoroelastomer
PEAK Werkstoff DISPAL S541 Aluminum Alloy, AlMg6Mn4SiTiZr, Condition F Aluminum Alloy
Fiberfil® J-69/10/E High performance polypropylene Homopolymer, 10% Glass Reinforced, Chemically coupled Polypropylene (PP)
Lehmann & Voss LUVOCOM® 80-7705 Polyacetal-copolymer, with carbon fiber, aramid reinforcement and PTFE Acetal Copolymer, Carbon Fiber Filled
Karina E 813-35/1-Y-SN-ERYB Ivory PVC Compound PVC, Extruded
MTI ThermoStran® PA66-30C Long Carbon Fiber Compound Nylon 66, 30% Carbon Fiber Filled
Lubrizol Advanced Materials PEARLCOAT® 125K Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPUR), Polyether Grade
Solvay TOLCIDE® PS 20A 20% tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate Other Engineering Material
Techmer ES Elastoblend® PA6 GF43 IM L BKN 43% Glass Filled Nylon 6, 40% Glass Fiber Filled
Solvay Specialty Polymers Ajedium™ Films -- Veradel® PES 201 NT Polyethersulfone (PESU) Polyethersulfone (PES)
SABIC Innovative Plastics Xenoy® HX6600HP PBT+PC Polycarbonate/Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Blend, Unreinforced
Silberline Sparkle Silvex® Premier 838-20-C Additive/Filler for Polymer
Lubrizol STAT-RITE® X-5091 Ether-Type Static Dissipative Polymer Polyurethane, TP
Total PPH 7060 Polypropylene, Homopolymer Polypropylene (PP)
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White LL8844 GP LLDPE
Tra-Con Tra-Bond F123HV Color Keyed Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive Epoxy
Hexcel® HexWeb® CR-PAA™ 1/4-5056-0.0015 Phosphoric Acid Anodized Aluminum Honeycomb Metal Foam, Mesh, or Honeycomb
Dow Corning Z-6070 SILANE Additive/Filler for Polymer
DSM Stanyl® TW241F10 Nylon 46-50% Glass Reinforced (European Grade) (Dry) Nylon 46, Glass Fiber Reinforced
ExxonMobil Metallyte™ UHB 35 MWHB OPP Film Polypropylene, Film Grade
Clariant ABS4500G10BK ABS, 10% Glass Reinforced Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), 10% Glass Fiber Filled
Eurotec® Tecodur® PB70 GB30 NL PBT, 30% glass bead reinforced, natural Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), Glass Bead Filled
Epoxy Technology EPO-TEK® H20E-175 Electrically Conductive, Silver Epoxy Epoxy, Electrically Conductive
3M Weatherban™ PF5422 Ribbon Sealant Polymer
DuPont™ Surlyn® 1705-1 Zinc Ionomer Resin for Blown and Cast Film Ionomer, Film Grade
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