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Osprey Metals 410L Stainless Steel Powder (Grade 95% - 16) T 400 Series Stainless Steel
Quadrant EPP Ertalon® 66 GF30 PA 66, 30% glass filled, extruded (ISO Data) Nylon 66, 30% Glass Fiber Filled
SABIC Innovative Plastics Lexan® FL910 PC Polycarbonate (PC)
5187 Polyurethane-based Biomedical Elastomer Polyurethane, TS
Solvay Specialty Polymers Amodel® AS-1133 HS Polyphthalamide (PPA)  (Unverified Data**) Polyphthalamide (PPA)
Victrex® PEEK 150G903 Black Polyetheretherketone, Unreinforced Polyetheretherketone, PEEK, Unreinforced
Ravago Manufacturing Americas Enviramid™ N2320HL BK Post Consumer Recycle Nylon 6, 20% Glass Filled Renewable/Recycled Polymer
TSE Industries Millathane® CM Millable Polyether Urethane Rubber with 10 PHR N650 Filler Polyester, TS
Malvern Minerals Thermoplastic Polyester with Novacite® 1250 Quartz Filler Polyester, TP
Fujipoly Industries Sarcon® 85Q Thin-Film QR Silicone
JPJ Technologies 1500J HDPE Injection High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Injection Molded
Karina 608-48/1-Y-IS-BZ Black PVC Compound PVC, Extruded
Teknor Apex APEX® 4020 Polyvinyl Chloride, Flexible PVC, Flexible Grade
A. Schulman POLYFORT™ FPP 1477 Mineral Filled, General-Purpose Polypropylene Polypropylene, Mineral Reinforced
Universal Wire Works 8Al-1Mo-1V (AMS 4955) Titanium Alloy Filler Metal Alpha/Near Alpha Titanium Alloy
Tra-Con Tra-Bond F123LV Color Keyed High Temperature Epoxy Adhesive Epoxy
Trelleborg AEM Eccospheres® SID-350Z Sodium Borosilicate Glass Microspheres Glass
Polyram PlusTek PB825G5 Nylon 6, 25% Glass Fiber Nylon 6, 30% Glass Fiber Filled
Hexcel® HexForce™ 112 Fiber Glass Fabric Composite Fibers
China Tungsten YG13 Tungsten Carbide Carbide
Dymax Sure Cure™ 984 Conformal Coating Adhesive
Arkema Group Nakan® FKS 918 R PVC, Soft Extrusion Grade PVC, Flexible Grade
Axiall 9211 Rigid PVC, Molding Vinyl (PVC)
3M 8426-11 Cold Shrink Connector Insulators Rubber or Thermoset Elastomer (TSE)
Aaron Industries AAROPRENE® GFPC 5020 Glass Filled Polycarbonate Polycarbonate, 20% Glass Filled
Overview of materials for Nylon 6, 10% Glass Fiber Filled Nylon 6, 10% Glass Fiber Filled
PolyOne Edgetek® AM-20CF/000 Polyphthalamide (PPA), Carbon Fiber Reinforced  (discontinued **) Polyphthalamide (PPA)
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