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Petroquimica Triunfo Tritheva® TN 2020 EVA Copolymer Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
RTP Company RTP 1400 A-100  Polyethersulfone (PES) Base Resin  (discontinued **) Polyethersulfone (PES)
SABIC Innovative Plastics Lexan® FXD1414T PC Copolymer Polycarbonate (PC)
Pau Tai Avanstab TM-1920 Organotin Stabilizer Octyl Thiotins/Methyl Thiotin Additive/Filler for Polymer
Gichem GIBLEND F70X3/VO ABS - Polycarbonate - PC/ABS Flame Retardant  (discontinued **) Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy, Unreinforced
Technetics Group Amicon™ PVDF  (Unverified Data**) PVDF
LyondellBasell Microthene® F FA70900 High Density Polyethylene High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Injection Molded
Kraton® FG1901 + PA-6,6 blend (20/80) Nylon
Lanxess Durethan® DP AKV 30 FN00 000000 Nylon 66, 30% Glass Fiber Nylon 66, Glass Fiber Filled, Flame Retardant
Momentive Performance Materials TSE 2297 Heat Cured Rubber - High Duro Translucent Rubber or Thermoset Elastomer (TSE)
Lanxess Durethan® T 40 000000 Partially aromatic polyamide Nylon, Aromatic
Schott KZFS12 Glass Glass
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP Thermocomp C7410 PC+ABS (Asia Pacific) Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy, Unreinforced
SABIC Innovative Plastics NORYL PN275F PPE+PS Polystyrene (PS)
UBE F120N Polyethylene Polyethylene (PE)
Master Bond LTX 119 Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive Latex Compound Epoxy
Engineered Syntactic Systems BZ-24 Deep Water Syntactic Foam Polymer
Cotronics Resbond™ 950 High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive, Aluminum Composition Ceramic
EMS-Grivory Grivory® XE 3959 nat PA610 Renewable/Recycled Polymer
ChevronTexaco Texmar 16 SG SAE 30 Lubricant
EMS-Grivory Grivory® XE 4188 nat PA612 Nylon 612
Epoxy Technology EPO-TEK® 930-4 Thermally Conductive Epoxy Epoxy, Thermally Conductive
Epoxyset Epoxiohm EO-38M-3 Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive Epoxy, Electrically Conductive
Chosun Refractories CUN-B817 Nozzle Brick Aluminum Oxide
Parker Chomerics THERMATTACH® T414 Thermally Conductive Attachment Tape Tape
Kraiburg TPE THERMOLAST® K TC8GPN Thermoplastic Elastomer, General purpose, high mechanical performance  ( Styrenic TPE
TSE Industries Millathane® HT High Temperature-Resistant Millable Polyester Polyurethane with 0.25 PHR Zinc Stearate Polyester, TS
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