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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Ritelok TL42 Nutlock Ritelok
Precision Polymer Engineering N60R Nitrile Rubber Precision Polymer Engineering Limited
Park Electrochemical Nelcote® E-766B Epoxy Prepreg, 7581 E-Glass Reinforced Park Electrochemical Corp. Nelcote®
Quantum Composites LYTEX® 4129 63% Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy SMC Quantum Composites Lytex®
Renegade Materials Corporation MVK-16 Polyimide FreeForm™ T650-35-3K-UC309-8HS Carbon Fabric Renegade Materials Corporation
NuSil MED-4830 Liquid Silicone Rubber - Unrestricted Medical Use NuSil
DuPont Performance Polymers Hypalon® 4085 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber, Peroxide Cured Carbon Black Filled Compound
Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO-LOCK SERIES 20 Anaerobic Thread Locking Compound Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO-LOCK SERIES
Plenco 201 Black General Purpose Woodflour/Mineral Filled Phenolic Molding Compound  (discontinued **)
Humiseal 1A27LSE Urethane Conformal Coating Humiseal
Fujipoly Industries Sarcon® 45T Thin-Film TR Fujipoly Industries Sarcon®
Industrial Laminates/Norplex NP130HF Glass Fabric Industrial Laminates/Norplex
Industrial Laminates/Norplex NP193P Synthetic Fabric Industrial Laminates/Norplex
Lord Adhesives Thermosetâ„¢ ME-531 Underfill Encapsulant Lord Adhesives Thermoset™
Momentive Performance Materials IGS3723 Insulating Glass Sealant Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Momentive Performance Materials RTV5812 White Adhesive Sealant, Fast Cure Paste Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Solvay Specialty Polymers Tecnoflon® PL 458 Fluoroelastomer Solvay Specialty Polymers Tecnoflon®
Sumitomo Bakelite North America E 3812M-1 Mineral and Glass Filled Electrical Encapsulation Grade Epoxy Sumitomo Bakelite North America
Sumitomo Bakelite North America E 8940SG Electrical Encapsulation Grade Epoxy Sumitomo Bakelite North America
Master Bond Supreme 10HT One Component, Low Outgassing, Toughened Epoxy System Master Bond Inc. Supreme
Von Roll Isola IMI Transtherm® T 1000-9 Silicone Elastomer, Fiberglass Reinforced, Boron Nitride Filled, for Thermal Management Von Roll Isola IMI Transtherm®
Hexcel® HexPly® 954-6 Curing Cyanate Resin, M55J Fiber Hexcel HexPly®
Hexcel® HexPly® EH25 180°C Curing Epoxy Matrix Hexcel HexPly®
Tra-Con Tra-Cast 3012 Clear Epoxy Casting Compound Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Cast
Loctite® 3301 Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive Loctite
TSE Industries Millathane® 28 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber TSE Industries, Inc Millathane®
Master Bond UV15-7 High Strength Non-Yellowing UV Curable System Master Bond Inc.
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, 2.5 PHR Sulfur TSE Industries, Inc Millathane®
Loctite® 3532 High viscosity Dam Encapsulant Loctite
Loctite® Tak Pak® 444 Instant Adhesive Loctite Tak Pak®
Dow Corning SE 9207 BLACK KIT Dow Corning
Esstech X-127-0950 Poly Methyl Methacrylate Esstech
Evonik Corporation DYNAPOL® LH 727 Polyester Resin Evonik Corporation DYNAPOL®
Evonik Corporation VESTANAT® HT 2500 L Polyisocyanate Evonik Corporation VESTANAT®
Dymax Ultra Fast™ 3-3095 Tack Gel Adhesive Dymax Corporation Ultra Fast™
Abatron AboTar 8607-1 Solventless Tar-Epoxy Compound Abatron AboTar
Arlon 19646B025 Silicone Rubber/Fiberglass Laminate Arlon
Arlon CP-410XD Bulk Compound Arlon
Arlon LW40125B12-P0 0.040" Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Tape Arlon
3M Jet-Weld™ TE-030 Adhesive 3M Jet-Weld™
3M Scotchcast™ 5400 Electrical Powder Resin 3M Scotchcast™
3M Scotchcast™ 5555 22G Electrical Insulating Epoxy Resin 3M Scotchcast™
3M Scotchkote™ 162CR Epoxy Coating 3M Scotchkote™
Arlon 32960X078 0.078" (1.98 mm) Uncured Silicone Rubber on Polyester Film Carrier Arlon
Bulk Molding Compounds BMC 665 Mineral Filled, Glass Reinforced Polyester BMC - Bulk Molding Compounds Inc. BMC
TSE Industries Millathane® E34 Millable Polyether Polyurethane Rubber with 20 PHR N990 (MT) Filler
Parker Chomerics CHO-SHIELD® 2002 Conductive Coating Parker Chomerics CHO-SHIELD®
Henkel Hysol EA 9689 Film Adhesive Henkel Hysol
Beijing Ranger Chem E-39D Semi Solid Epoxy Resin Beijing Ranger Chemical Co
Silikony Polskie Polsil Gum 213/60 HTV Silicone Rubber Silikony Polskie Polsil
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