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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Rogers Corporation Poron® 4701-50 Thin as Cast Urethane Foam, Firm, Thin as Cast Rogers Corporation Poron®
Polimeri Europa Europrene Latice® 405 Carboxylated Styrene - Butadiene Copolymer Polimeri Europa (Former EniChem) Europrene Latice®
Precision Polymer Engineering V75W Fluoroelastomer Compound Precision Polymer Engineering Limited
Nitriflex NitriClean 2858 NBR - Nitrile Rubber Nitriflex NitriClean
Parker Chomerics CHO-SEAL E6434 Conductive Elastomer Parker Chomerics CHO-SEAL
Quantum Composites LYTEX® 4181 55% Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy SMC Quantum Composites Lytex®
Parker Chomerics Tecknit Teckfip™ HC FIP-E Formed in Place Conductive Elastomer Parker Chomerics Tecknit Teckfip™
NuSil MED-1055 Silicone, One Part Adhesive/Sealant - Restricted Medical Use NuSil
NuSil MED-342 Simethicone GS NuSil
Resinlab® CYNERGY CA6302 Adhesive Resinlab® CYNERGY
NuSil MED-4520 One-Part Standard High Consistency Elastomer - Unrestricted Medical Use NuSil
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, 40 PHR Carbon Black, N-220 (ISAF)
Permabond F201 Anaerobic Retainer Permabond
Resin Technology Group TIGA 920H Flexible Silver Conductive Resin Technology Group
TSE Industries Millathane® HT High Temperature-Resistant Millable Polyester Polyurethane with 70 PHR N550 (FEF) Filler
Huntsman Araldite GT 6243 Bisphenol A Epoxy Solid Resin Huntsman, former Ciba Specialty Chemicals Araldite
Industrial Laminates/Norplex NP613 Paper Base Laminate Industrial Laminates/Norplex
Henkel Hysol EA 9658 Film Adhesive Henkel Hysol
Sibur SKN-26ASME Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR) Sibur
Sumitomo Bakelite North America RX® 640 Fiberglass Reinforced Phenolic Resole Sumitomo Bakelite North America
UBE UBEPOL BR130B Non-Oil Extended Synthetic Rubber (Raw Polymer) UBE UBEPOL
Von Roll Isola IMI Varnish 74035 Solventless Epoxy Varnish for Electrical Insulation Von Roll Isola IMI Varnish
Zeon Chemicals HyTemp® AR12 AR Super ACM Polyacrylate Elastomer Zeon Chemicals HyTemp®
Zeon Chemicals Quintone® C200S Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin Zeon Chemicals Quintone®
Hexcel® HexPly® EH04 Epoxy Resin System, Fortafil 510 Fiber Hexcel HexPly®
Tra-Con Tra-Bond F156 Optically Opaque Epoxy Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Tra-Con Tra-Duct 2907 Silver-Filled Epoxy Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Duct
Hexcel® HexWeb® HRH-78 - 1/8 - 8.0 Commercial Grade Nomex Honeycomb/Phenolic Resin Hexcel HexWeb®
Master Bond Supreme 11AN Two Component, Heat Resistant Epoxy Adhesive Master Bond Inc. Supreme
Master Bond UV15TK High Temperature Resistant One Component UV Curable System Master Bond Inc.
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, 0.0 PHR Thanecure ZM TSE Industries, Inc Millathane®
Elmer's Products Aron Alpha® 253TX Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Industrial Krazy Glue™) Elmer's Products, Inc. Aron Alpha®
Cytec EN-2523 (Conap) Potting and Encapsulation Adhesive Cytec
Eurofoam Porocell POR 304 CM-BI EPDM Foam Eurofoam s.r.l. POROCELL
Arlon 32580R025 0.025" (0.635 mm) Uncured Unsupported Silicone Rubber on PET Carrier Arlon
Arlon 51576S020 0.020" (0.508 mm) Uncured/Cured Silicone Rubber with Fiberglass Substrate Arlon
Bedford Plastics Glass Reinforced FR Polyester Flat Sheet, 3/16" to 1/4" Bedford Plastics
Chemours Viton® GF-600S with 60-MT Black Fluoroelastomer Compound Chemours Viton®
Arlon 55272R024 0.024" (0.610 mm) Cured Silicone Rubber with Fiberglass Substrate Arlon
Arlon R30370A015 0.015" Uncured Silicone Rubber with Fiberglass Substrate Arlon
3M Jet-Weld™ TE-115 HGS Adhesive 3M Jet-Weld™
BCC Products BC 9040 T Silicone RTV Rubber BCC Products
Beijing Ranger Chem SM-601R Solid Epoxy Resin Beijing Ranger Chemical Co
Chemours Viton® A-700 Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Chemours Viton®
TSE Industries Millathane® HT High Temperature-Resistant Millable Polyester Polyurethane with 0.5 PHR Sulfur
Trelleborg R397 Commercial Natural Rubber Polyisoprene Trelleborg
ACC QM 262F QSI Quantum Silicones 60 Durometer Addition Cure Moldmaking Material Amber Chemical Company
Hexion Bakelite™ PF 8052 Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin, Resistant to High Temperatures  (discontinued **)
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