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Category : Adhesive Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Ritelok EC1500 Gap Filling CA Adhesive Ritelok
Protective Coating PC-11® White Epoxy Paste Protective Coating Co.
Parker Chomerics CHO-SHIELD® 610 Part B Catalyst Parker Chomerics CHO-SHIELD®
Permabond HM161 Anaerobic Retaining Compound Permabond
Dielectric Polymers NT-8511-2 High Tack Tape  (discontinued **)
Huntsman MY 720 Multifunctional Resin Huntsman, former Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Lord Adhesives 304 General Purpose, High Viscosity Epoxy Adhesive Lord Adhesives
Lord Adhesives 513 Fast Cure, Non-Sagging Acrylic Adhesive Lord Adhesives
ITW Plexus Plexusâ„¢ MA330 Methacrylate Adhesive ITW Plexus Plexus™
Silon Tabond 3044 Adhesive Resin Silon Tabond
Saint-Gobain CHR® 2042-2 Skived PTFE Film Backing Silicone Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Tape Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics CHR®
Saint-Gobain CHR® T603 TRIFOILâ„¢ PTFE/Aluminum Foil Backing Acrylic Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Tape Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics CHR®
Master Bond Mastersil 800 One Component, Room Temperature Curing Silicone Master Bond Inc. Mastersil
Tra-Con Tra-Cast 3110 Low Density Epoxy Casting System Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Cast
Tra-Con Tra-Coat TC2 UV Cure Screen Printable Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Coat
Hexcel® Redux® 322U Modified epoxy film adhesive (0.06 psf) Hexcel
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Stycast® E-1030 One-Component Epoxy Low Stress Encapsulant Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. Stycast®
Hexcel® Redux® 335M Adhesive film for bonding metallic and composite components (0.06 psf) Hexcel
Loctite® 352 Acrylic Light Cure Adhesive Loctite
Dow Corning SH 850 LTV KIT Dow Corning
Elmer's Products Aron Alpha® 203 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Industrial Krazy Glue™) Elmer's Products, Inc. Aron Alpha®
Elmer's Products Aron Alpha® 241F Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Industrial Krazy Glue™) Elmer's Products, Inc. Aron Alpha®
Cytec (Conap) RN-1200 / EA-02 Conapoxy® Resin / Conacure® Hardener Cytec
Dow Corning 1200 OS PRIMER CLEAR Dow Corning
Dymax 3072 Solvent-Free Plastic Adhesive Dymax Corporation
Abatron AboCast 8110-1/AboCure 8110-3 Flexible Epoxy Abatron AboCast
Abatron AboCoat 8501-2/AboCure 8501-2 Clear Epoxy Coating Abatron AboCoat
Abatron AboWeld 8201-14/AboCure 50-12 Carbon-Filled Electrically Conductive Epoxy Compound Abatron AboWeld
3M 9415PC Repositionable Tape 3M
3M Cold Seal® 3130 Polyethylene Tape 3M Cold Seal®
3M FM110 Indoor UL Recognized Brushed Silver Polyester Label Products 3M
3M FM299 Indoor UL Recognized Clear Polyester Overlaminate Label Products 3M
3M FV031 Indoor UL Recognized White Vinyl Label Products 3M
3M Jet-Weld™ TE-031 Adhesive 3M Jet-Weld™
3M OFM0502 Outdoor UL Recognized White Polyester Label Product 3M
3M Scotch Pad™ 8327 Custom Carry Handle 3M Scotch Pad™
3M Scotch-Weld™ LO100 Low Odor Instant Adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld™
Abatron AboCast 8101-5/AboCure 8101-5 5-Minute Epoxy Abatron AboCast
3M 2A804 High Performance Temporary Surface Protection Tape 3M
3M 4462W Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 3M
3M 7962MP High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tapes with Adhesive 200MP 3M
3M 80 Rubber and Vinyl Spray Adhesive 3M
3M FM14K Indoor UL Recognized Computer Imprintable Clear Polyester Label Product 3M
3M FV02610N Textured Vinyl Label Products 3M
Tra-Con Tra-Bond F114 Optically Clear, Low Viscosity Blush-Free Epoxy Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Permabond 792 Cyanoacrylate, Surface insensitive Permabond
Aremco Aremco-Bond™ 598 Conductive Epoxy Adhesive  (discontinued **)
Loctite® 620 High Temperature Retaining Compound Loctite
Henkel Hysol PL 795 Film Adhesive Henkel Hysol
Resinlab® EP1199 Clear Unfilled Epoxy Adhesive Resinlab®
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