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Category : Adhesive Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
NuSil R-2200-11 Mold Making NuSil
Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND 2167 Part A Conductive Silicone Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND
NuSil CV1-1142-4 Silicone, One Part Adhesive and Sealant NuSil
Permabond ES550 Epoxy Resin Permabond
Permabond LM012 Anaerobic Threadsealant Permabond
Permabond TA4310 Toughened Acrylic Adhesive Permabond
Resinlab® CYNERGY CA6601 Adhesive Resinlab® CYNERGY
Permabond UV648 UV-curable Adhesive Permabond
NuSil CV1-1148 Silicone Coating NuSil
Resin Technology Group KONA 870FT-FR Fire Retardant Epoxy Casting System Resin Technology Group
Resin Technology Group UV MX-2240 Multi-Functional Hybrid, UV-Curing, Micro-Electronic System Resin Technology Group
Lord Adhesives 360 Sag-Resistant, High-Performance, 5 min Epoxy Adhesive Lord Adhesives
Momentive Performance Materials 1200® Construction Sealant Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Momentive Performance Materials IS806 Red Adhesive Sealant, General Purpose Paste Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Sika Industry SikaFlex 252 One Part Polyurethane Adhesive Sika Industry SikaFlex
Silon Tabond 2005 Adhesive Resin Silon Tabond
Master Bond EP21TDC-2AO Flexibilized, Thermally Conductive Two Component Epoxy Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond EP30AOHT Dimensionally Stable, Two Component Epoxy Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond EP76M-F Electrically Conductive, Two Part Epoxy Master Bond Inc.
Tra-Con Tra-Bond F123HV Color Keyed Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Tra-Con Tra-Bond FDA2 Food and Drug Application Epoxy Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Wanhua Chemical Wanthane® WHT-6226 TPU Hot-Melt Adhesive Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Wanthane®
Tra-Con Tra-Bond 970-3 Room Temperature Cure General Purpose Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Stycast® 2651-40FR/9 Two-Component Epoxy Flame Retardant Encapsulant Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. Stycast®
Dow Corning 734 FLOWABLE SEALANT Dow Corning
Dow Corning HM-2500 CLEAR ASSEMBLY SEALANT Dow Corning
EMS-Griltech Griltex® D 1365E Copolyester Hotmelt Adhesive (Apparel Interlinings) EMS-Griltech Griltex®
Cytec (Conap) FR-1272 Conapoxy® Resin / Conacure® Hardener Cytec
Cytec (Conap) RN-1000 / EA-87 Conapoxy® Resin / Conacure® Hardener Cytec
Cytec (Conap) RN-1210 / EA-028 Conapoxy® Resin / Conacure® Hardener Cytec
Dymax Light Weld® 425 High Clarity Glass Bonding Adhesive Dymax Corporation Light Weld®
3M 31804 Industrial Polyethylene Temporary Surface Protection Tape 3M
3M 7002FP Performance Paper Label Material 3M
3M FM002 Indoor UL Recognized Clear Polyester Overlaminate Label Product 3M
Armstrong A-706 Epoxy Adhesive Armstrong Epoxy Adhesives; Resin Technology Group
Armstrong X-81/A Epoxy Adhesive Armstrong Epoxy Adhesives; Resin Technology Group
3M FP0169R2 Removable White Polypropylene Label Products 3M
3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive-Low VOC 3M Hi-Strength
3M Scotch-Weld™ EC40 General Purpose Instant Adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld™
Aremco Aremco-Bond™ 805 Thermally Conductive Material, Aluminum Filled Aremco Aremco-Bond™
3M Tartan™ 302 Box Sealing Tape 3M Tartan™
3M 2A88 Co-Extruded Multi-Polymer Protect Tapes 3M
3M Scotch-Weld™ 3901 Metal Primer 3M Scotch-Weld™
Aptek 2503-A/B Low modulus urethane conformal coating Aptek Laboratories
Aptek 6500-PMF Electrically conductive epoxy adhesive Aptek Laboratories
3M FV038 Indoor UL Recognized White Vinyl Label Products 3M
3M OFM0102 Outdoor UL Recognized Polyester Overlaminate Label Products 3M
ExxonMobil Label-Lyte® 612 LL-112 Clear OPP Overlaminate Exxon Chemical Label-Lyte®
Saint-Gobain Furon® C695 Thermal Graphite Tape Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Furon®
Loctite® PRISM® 401 Instant Adhesive Loctite PRISM®
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