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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
ND Industries 333 Surface Insensitive Instant Superglue ND Industries, Inc
ND Industries 354 Surface Insensitive Instant Superglue ND Industries, Inc
ND Industries 567 Shaft & Bearing Retainer Retaining Compound ND Industries, Inc
NextGen Adhesives TC907-33 Thermally Conductive Adhesive NextGen Adhesives
Protective Coating PC-Woody® Epoxy Paste Protective Coating Co.
Parker Chomerics CHO-FOIL CCH Shielding Tape Parker Chomerics CHO-FOIL
Parker Chomerics CHO-THERM 1642 Thermally Conductive Silicone Parker Chomerics CHO-THERM
Resin Technology Group 2TN Oxy-Bond™ Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive Resin Technology Group
Resin Technology Group KONA 877 Low Viscosity, Low Shrinkage, Vacuum Grade Casting Resin Resin Technology Group
Permabond HM160 Anaerobic Retaining Compound Permabond
Resinlab® CYNERGY CA6205 Adhesive Resinlab® CYNERGY
NuSil CF19-2615 Silicone Engineering Coating NuSil
NuSil MED3-4213 Silicone, Two part Adhesive - Unrestricted Medical Use NuSil
Huntsman Araldite ECN 1400 Water-Based Adhesive/Coating Huntsman, former Ciba Specialty Chemicals Araldite
Momentive Performance Materials FRV1107 Gray Adhesive Sealant, Fuel Resistant Paste Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Saint-Gobain CHR® 2300-5R UHMW Film Backing Natural Rubber Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Tape Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics CHR®
Master Bond EP30AO Thermally Conductive Low Viscosity Epoxy System Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond EP45HT-1 Adhesive Resists Exposure to Sterilization Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond EP76M-F Electrically Conductive, Two Part Epoxy Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond MB295 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive System Master Bond Inc.
Hexcel® Redux® 312/5 Modified epoxy film adhesive Hexcel
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Stycast® 2651-1 One-Component Epoxy High Service Temp Encapsulant Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. Stycast®
Loctite® 3564 Fast flow epoxy, moderate CTE and Tg Fast Flow Underfill Loctite
Master Bond UV10 One Component UV Curable Adhesive System Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond UV18MED USP Class VI, Flexible UV Curable Adhesive Master Bond Inc.
Hexcel® Redux® 340U(SP) (0.015 psf) Modified epoxy film adhesive for bonding metallic and composite components Hexcel
Elmer's Products Aron Alpha® 241F Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Industrial Krazy Glue™) Elmer's Products, Inc. Aron Alpha®
EMS-Griltech Griltex® 1A Copolyamide Hotmelt Adhesive (Apparel Interlinings) EMS-Griltech Griltex®
EMS-Griltech Griltex® D 1519E Copolyester Hotmelt Adhesive (Technical Applications) EMS-Griltech Griltex®
Epoxy Technology EPO-TEK® TV1002 Polyimide Adhesive Epoxy Technology EPO-TEK®
Dow Corning 3-8186 THIXOTROPIC FOAM Dow Corning
Dymax 602 Structural Adhesive Dymax Corporation
3M 2A29 (Clear) Co-Extruded Multi-Polymer Protect Tapes 3M
3M 7840TL Laser Toner Printable Polyester Label Material 3M
3M FM052 Indoor UL Recognized Brite Silver Polyester Label Products 3M
3M Scotch® 3779 Security Message Box Sealing Tape 3M Scotch®
3M Scotch® 720 Film/Fiber Tape 3M Scotch®
3M Scotch® 8919MSR Filament Tape 3M Scotch®
Aptek 2100-A7C/B Low modulus urethane staking compound Aptek Laboratories
3M Scotch-Weld™ EC100 General Purpose Instant Adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld™
Aremco Pyro-Tape™ 682-ER High Temperature Tape Single layer polyimide film with silicone adhesive Aremco Pyro-Tape™
Bostik 6239 Low Viscosity, High Temp Resistance, Long Open Time Polyamide Glue Stick Bostik
3M 4085 Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 3M
3M 7901 Screen Printable Sheet Vinyl Label Material 3M
3M 7950 Screen Printable Sheet Polyester Label Material 3M
3M 920XL Extended Liner Tapes 3M
3M FM04E Clear Polyester Label Product 3M
Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND 1035 Electrically Conductive Sealant Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND
3M Scotch-Weld™ CA4 Instant Adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld™
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