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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Polymax® Maxelast® P2866T TPE, PP Overmold or Standalone use Nagtong Polymax Maxelast®
Niche Polymer PA6GM40BK Nylon 6, 40% Mineral Fiber Filled Niche Polymer
Parker Chomerics Tecknit Teckfip™ HC FIP-C Formed in Place Conductive Elastomer Parker Chomerics Tecknit Teckfip™
SABIC Innovative Plastics Lexan® PPC4701 PPC (Asia Pacific) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) Lexan®
Advanced Elastomer Systems Santoprene® 453-45 Thermoplastic Rubber  (discontinued **)
Plastcom SLOVALEN PQ 91 N Polypropylene Homopolymer, Modified with Elastomer, Impacted Plastcom spol. s r.o. SLOVALEN
ExxonMobil LD 513.48 Molding, Extrusion and Compounding Resin  (discontinued **)
LNP Lubricomp® EFL-4544 Polyetherimide, Glass Fiber Reinforcement, PTFE Lubricant  (discontinued **)
ICO Polymers ICOFLOâ„¢ 510-5051 800 Micron LDPE Powder ICO Polymers (A Schulman Inc.) ICOFLO™
Fujipoly Industries Sarcon® GR-c Gap Filler Pad Fujipoly Industries Sarcon®
LG Chemical Lutex 703 SBR Latex LG Chemical Lutex
Kraiburg TPE THERMOLAST® K TC9AAZ SEBS Black High Performance TPE Kraiburg TPE THERMOLAST® K
Lord Adhesives 320 Toughened, High Viscosity SMC, FRP, General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive Lord Adhesives
Kraton® D1161 B (SIS) Linear Block Copolymer Kraton
Karina 85/227-D-AT-IS-SI Clear PVC Compound Karina Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos
Momentive Performance Materials TUFELâ„¢ II 94705 Low Volatile Extrusion Heat Cured Rubber Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones) TUFEL™ II
Kinlead PT21 Adhesive Tape Grade BOPP Plain Film (thickness: 40 µm) Kinlead
Karina 70/222 Clear PVC Compound Karina Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos
SABIC Innovative Plastics Ultem 1100R PEI SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) ULTEM
SABIC Innovative Plastics ULTEM HU1004 PEI (Europe-Africa-Middle East) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) ULTEM
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP THERMOCOMP IX95700 PA 6/12 (Asia Pacific) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) LNP THERMOCOMP
Styrolution Luran® HD 20 SAN Styrolution Luran®
Teknor Apex Fireguard® 910-NL1 Polyvinyl Chloride, Flexible Teknor Apex Company Fireguard®
Teknor Apex Medalist® MD-115 Thermoplastic Elastomer Teknor Apex Company Medalist®
SABIC Innovative Plastics Valox® V3500EX PBT SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) Valox®
Borealis Borecene™ RM8343PL Linear Polyethylene for Rotational Molding Borealis Borecene™
UBE UBEPOL BR150B Synthetic Rubber (Compound) UBE UBEPOL
Chase Plastics CP Pryme® A100HI ABS Molding Resin, High Impact Chase Plastics CP Pryme®
DuPont Surlyn® SG201U NC010 Supergloss Molding Alloy DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers Surlyn®
Polyram RamLloy PVB101 ABS/NYLON alloy, Impact Modified Polyram
Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics Zellamid 1115 Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics Zellamid
A. Schulman POLYFORT™ FPP 1606 Glass Filled Chemically Coupled Impact Copolymer Polypropylene A. Schulman, Inc. POLYFORT™
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Stycast® 2057FR/11 Two-Component Epoxy Flame Retardant Encapsulant Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. Stycast®
Evonik Corporation VESTAGON® BF 1320 Colorant Evonik Corporation VESTAGON®
Eastman Drystar 0603 Copolyester Eastman Chemical Drystar
Cossa Polimeri ESTADIENE 1030 V0 Flame Retardant ABS Cossa Polimeri S.r.L. ESTADIENE
DSM Novamid® 3010SR NAT PA66 DSM Engineering Plastics Novamid®
Fainplast Compounds GA 70/R Flexible PVC, Flame Retardant Sheathing Fainplast Compounds
Colorite Polymers 8804 General Purpose Vinyl Compound Colorite Polymers
3M 235 Photographic Tape 3M
Arkema Group Rilsan® MB 3501 Nylon 11, Flexible Tubing Grade (Conditioned) Arkema
Azoty Tarnow™ TARNOFORM 300 POM Azoty Tarnow™ (Zaklady Azotowe) TARNOFORM
3M FP083 Clear Polypropylene Label Products 3M
3M GLR320 Glossy Low Reflection Protection Film 3M
Celanese FORTRON 1342L4 PPS, 40% Specialty Celanese Corporation FORTRON
Aaron Industries AAROLENE® ARPS 100-1 GPPS BLACK Polystyrene Compounded Resin Aaron Industries Corporation AAROLENE® ARPS
Colorite Polymers 6577 Non-Phthalate 77 Series Vinyl Compound Colorite Polymers
PolyOne Synprene® IT 36-021 NATURAL Thermoplastic Elastomer - SBC  (discontinued **)
PlastxWorld CEVIAN® A1700 PA/ABS Alloy, Conditioned PlastxWorld, Inc. CEVIAN®
Braskem H 605 Extrusion Polypropylene Braskem
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