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Manufacturer : Goodfellow Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Category Trade Name
Goodfellow Aluminum 65.7/Silicon 34.3 Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Goodfellow Aluminum-Lithium/SiC Metal Matrix Composite Aluminum Alloy
Goodfellow Carbon-Carbon Composite Carbon Fiber/Thermoset Composite
Goodfellow Cobalt 90/Aluminum 10 Alloy Cobalt Alloy
Goodfellow Cobalt/Boron/Silicon/Iron/Molybdenum/Nickel Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
Goodfellow Cobalt/Silicon/Boron/Manganese Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
Goodfellow Copper 56.4/Titanium 43.6 Alloy Titanium Alloy
Goodfellow Havar® High-Strength Non-Magnetic Cobalt-Base Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy Havar®
Goodfellow HDPlas® GNP Plasma Functionalized Graphene Nanoplatelets Carbon
Goodfellow Iron 58/Nickel 42 Alloy Iron Base
Goodfellow Manganese 70/Nickel 30 Alloy Nonferrous Metal
Goodfellow Nanocrystalline Nickel Pure Element
Goodfellow Nichrome®, Tophet A® Nickel 80 Chromium 20 Alloy Nickel Alloy Nichrome®, Tophet A®
Goodfellow Nickel 52/Iron 48 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel 70/Zirconium 30 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel 78/Boron 14/Silicon 8 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel 79/Aluminum 21 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel 85/Boron 15 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel 90/Titanium 10 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel 92/Manganese 8 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Nickel/Iron/Silicon/Boron Alloy Solder/Braze Alloy
Goodfellow Niobium 99/Zirconium 1 Alloy Niobium Alloy
Goodfellow Platinum 70/Rhodium 30 Thermocouple Alloy Platinum Alloy
Goodfellow Polyaramid/Polyphenylene Sulfide Composite Sheet or Rod Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS), Aramid Fiber Filled
Goodfellow Polyethylene Fiber/Polyethylene composite Polyethylene (PE)
Goodfellow T2-Thermocouple Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
Goodfellow Tin 60/Lead 39/Antimony 1 Alloy Tin Alloy
Goodfellow Titanium 90/Vanadium 10 Alloy Titanium Alloy
Goodfellow TZM Molybdenum High Temperature Alloy Molybdenum Alloy
Goodfellow Zinc 50/Aluminum 50 Alloy Zinc Alloy
Goodfellow Copper 70/Titanium 30 Alloy Copper Alloy
Goodfellow Copper 87/Zirconium 13 Alloy Copper Alloy
Goodfellow E-glass/Epoxy Composite Epoxy
Goodfellow Nickel 80/Iron 20 Alloy Nickel Alloy
Goodfellow Polyhydroxybutyrate/Polyhydroxyvalerate (PHB 88/PHV 12) Renewable/Recycled Polymer
Goodfellow Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF) Film Fluoropolymer
Goodfellow Roses Metal (Bi, Pb, Sn) Alloy Bismuth Alloy
Goodfellow Tantalum 90/Tungsten 10 Alloy Refractory Metal
Goodfellow Titanium Bronze Titanium Alloy
Goodfellow TPX® RT31 Injection Molding Grade Polymethylpentene Polymethylpentene, Molded TPX®
Goodfellow Zinc 90/Nickel 10 Alloy Zinc Alloy
Goodfellow Zirconium 56.5/Vanadium 43.5 Alloy Zirconium Alloy
Goodfellow Aluminum 75/Silicon 25 Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Goodfellow Chromium 70/Titanium 30 Alloy Nonferrous Metal
Goodfellow Copper 85/Silicon 15 Alloy Copper Alloy
Goodfellow Iron 79/Boron 16/Silicon 5 Alloy Iron Base
Goodfellow Titanium 88/Aluminum 12 Alloy Titanium Alloy
Goodfellow Calcium Titanate CaTiO3 Ceramic
Goodfellow Copper 80/Lead 20 Alloy Copper Alloy
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