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Category : Fluoropolymer Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Rogers Corporation RT/duroid® 5880LZ Lightweight, High Frequency PTFE Laminate Rogers Corporation
Park Electrochemical Nelco® NX9260 PTFE Laminate, Woven-Glass Reinforced Park Electrochemical Corp. Nelco®
Polimersan Plastics POLITEF® (PTFE) with 15% Glass
Solvay Specialty Polymers Halar® 1400LC Polyethylene, Chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE)  (Unverified Data**)
Solvay Specialty Polymers Halar® 6914 Polyethylene, Chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE)  (Unverified Data**)&l
Solvay Specialty Polymers Hylar® 301F Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)  (Unverified Data**)
Solvay Specialty Polymers Solef® 1015 Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)  (Unverified Data**)
3M Dyneon™ CC605 PTFE 25% Fiberglass Filled  (discontinued **)
3M Dyneon™ PVDF 1012/1001 Polyvinylidene Fluoride  (discontinued **)
Isoflon Tisoflon® 6G EXTRA SMOOTH QUALITY Polytetrafluoroethylene & Graphite Coated Glass Fabric Isoflon Tisoflon®
Guarniflon PTFE G455 Polytetrafluoroethylene 35% Carbographite Guarniflon
Shakespeare FL-8 Fluorocarbon PVDF Fishing Line, 25 lb Shakespeare Company
Solvay Specialty Polymers Halar® 5001C Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene Copolymer (ECTFE) Solvay Specialty Polymers Halar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Hyflon® PFA M640 Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) Solvay Specialty Polymers Hyflon®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Hyflon® PFA P7310 Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) Solvay Specialty Polymers Hyflon®
Shamrock Technologies Fluoro T® 707 Thermoplastic Grade PTFE Additive Shamrock Technologies Fluoro T®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Polymist® F5A Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Solvay Specialty Polymers Polymist®
Shandong Dongyue Shenzhou New Material Co DS600 Perfluorinated Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer Shandong Dongyue Shenzhou New Material Co
Saint-Gobain Chemlam® 4 Value Industrial Laminate Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Chemlam®
Saint-Gobain Chemlam® SGC6-10 Copper Adhesive Tape Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Chemlam®
Saint-Gobain Norton® Fluorglas® Chemfilm® DF1700 Heat Bondable PTFE Film Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Norton® Fluorglas® Chemfilm®
Saint-Gobain Rulon® 488 Grade Bearing/Seal PTFE Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics
Dalau Dalcon 020 Virgin PTFE, Carbon (Anti-Static)
Zeus PFA Tubing Zeus
Azoty Tarnow™ TARFLEN SM-S15 PTFE Azoty Tarnow™ (Zaklady Azotowe) TARFLEN
Adamas Adalon® 415 PTFE, 10% Organic Filler Adamas Adalon®
Adamas Adalon® 807 PTFE, 40% Bronze + 5 MoS2 Adamas Adalon®
Arlon CuClad 233 PTFE/Woven Fiberglass Laminate Microwave Printed Circuit Board Substrate Arlon CuClad
Asahi Glass Fluon® G340 PTFE Granular Powder Asahi Glass Company Fluon®
3M Novec™ FC-4430 Fluorosurfactant 3M Novec™
Chemours ECCtreme® ECA 3000 Fluoroplastic Resin, Heat Treated Chemours ECCtreme® ECA
Chemours Teflon® PTFE 8B Granular Molding Powder Chemours Teflon® PTFE
3M Dyneon™ PVDF 11008/0001 Polyvinylidene Fluoride 3M Dyneon™
Arlon AD250 Woven Glass and PTFE Arlon
3M Dyneon™ ET 6210AZ Fluoroplastic Agglomerate 3M Dyneon™
3M Dyneon™ TF 2053Z PTFE Fine Powder 3M Dyneon™
3M Dyneon™ THV 221AZ Fluoroplastic Agglomerate 3M Dyneon™
Arkema Group KYNAR® 2821-00 Polyvinylidene Fluoride Powder Arkema KYNAR®
Arkema Group KYNAR® 741 Polyvinylidene Fluoride Powder Arkema KYNAR®
Chemours Teflon® PFA Grade 345T Extrusion and Molding Resin for High Temperature Applications Chemours Teflon® PFA
Chemours Teflon® PTFE Grade 304A Aqueous Dispersion Chemours Teflon® PTFE
3M Dyneon™ PFA 7418Z Fluoroplastic Powder Primer 3M Dyneon™
Daikin NEOFLON EPW-1609BK ETFE Liquid Primer, Black Daikin Industries NEOFLON
Solvay Specialty Polymers Algoflon® E2 BP PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)  (discontinued **)
Solvay Specialty Polymers Algoflon® 25CAR B PTFE; Carbon Filled  (discontinued **)
Guarniflon PTFE G200 Polytetrafluoroethylene Guarniflon
Beijing Evergrow Resources PTFE Gasket Beijing Evergrow Resources
RTP Company RTP 3381 Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Carbon Fiber RTP Company
RTP Company RTP 3583 Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP), Carbon Fiber - Preliminary Data RTP Company
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