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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Nylene® PA6/6 Glass Filled 5113 HS Nylon 6/6 Nylene®
Nilit FRIANYL B63 KF20 Nylon 6 for injection molding, 20% short glass fiber reinforced Nilit (formerly Frisetta Polymer) FRIANYL
Polymer Resources NY6-G13 Nylon 6, 13% Glass Reinforced Polymer Resources, LTD
Radici Radilon® CS 35FL (cond.) Nylon 6/66 Radici Group Plastics
Radici Radilon® SRCP3010LK (dry) Nylon 6 Radici Group Plastics
Nilit Nilamid A3 N H2 Nucleated, Heat Stabilized Nylon 66 Nilit Nilamid
Polymer Resources NY66-G55 Nylon 66, 55% Glass Reinforced Polymer Resources, LTD
Nilit FRIANYL A63 H Nylon 6.6 for injection molding Nilit (formerly Frisetta Polymer) FRIANYL
Nilit RECONYL B F Recycled nylon 6 for injection molding Nilit (formerly Frisetta Polymer)
Ensinger ENSILON® 6/6 GF30 Extruded Nylon 6/6, 30% glass-fiber-reinforced (PA66)  (discontinued **)
Ravago Manufacturing Americas Hylon® N1000 Nylon 6/6 (Cond)  (discontinued **)
Lehmann & Voss LUVOCOM® 3/CF/10/BK Polyamide 6, with carbon fiber Lehmann & Voss & Co. LUVOCOM®
Kolon KOPA® KN333G35CRBK G/F Reinforced Nylon 66 Kolon Kopa®
Gromax BFG20-DN00N1 Nylon 6 20% Glass Filled (Conditioned) Gromax
LATI Latamid 66 H2 G/25-V0CT1 PA 66, 25% Glass Fiber Reinforced, Heat Stabilized, Flame Retardant LATI Latamid
Solvay TECHNYL® A 218W V30 Natural PA66, 30% glass fiber, Conditioned Solvay Technyl®
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP LUBRICOMP QCL349 PA 6/10 (Asia Pacific) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) LNP LUBRICOMP
Solvay TECHNYL® C 507XT PA6, DRY Solvay Technyl®
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP LUBRICOMP RL003 PA 66 (Europe-Africa-Middle East) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) LNP LUBRICOMP
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP LUBRICOMP RP004 PA 66 SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) LNP LUBRICOMP
Shakespeare FGN-12 Nylon 66 Monofilament Shakespeare Company
Techmer ES HiFill® PA6/6 GF30 HR HS BK 30% Glass Filled Techmer ES HiFill®
Techmer ES Luriblend® PA6 GF40 ML2 HS UV BK 40% Glass Filled Techmer ES Luriblend®
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP THERMOCOMP RZ006S PA 66 (Asia Pacific) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) LNP THERMOCOMP
Solvay TECHNYLSTARâ„¢ SX 218 V60 Black Z PA6, 60% glass filled, DRY Solvay TECHNYLSTAR™
Chase Plastics CP Pryme® NN300HL (Dry) Nylon 66, Heat Stabilized, Lubricated Chase Plastics CP Pryme®
Unitika A1030GFL PA6, 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced, Conditioned Unitika
Wellman Wellamid® GF1685-WBK1 Nylon 6, 20% Glass Fiber Reinforced Wellman Engineering Resins Wellamid®
A. Schulman SCHULAMID® 66 GF50 50% Glass Fiber Reinforced 66
A. Schulman SCHULAMID® E-17222 High Impact Nylon 66
DSM Akulon® F130-C3 PA6 DSM Engineering Plastics Akulon®
EMS-Grivory Grivory® FG 34 NL nat 6023 PA6 EMS-Grivory (EMS-CHEMIE) Grivory®
EMS-Grivory Grivory® L 20 L PA12 EMS-Grivory (EMS-CHEMIE) Grivory®
DuPont Performance Polymers Zytel® 80G33L NC010 Nylon 66  (Unverified Data**) DuPont Performance Polymers Zytel®
EMS-Grivory Grivory® L 25 W 40 PA12 EMS-Grivory (EMS-CHEMIE) Grivory®
Diamond Polymers NYLON 6650HSL Black Diamond and Network Polymers
Eurostar Staramide BST44 PA6, Impact Modified, Injection Molded Eurostar Engineering Plastics Staramide
Eurostar Starflam AFR450B1 PA66, Glass Fiber Reinforced, Flame Retardant, Injection Molding Eurostar Engineering Plastics Starflam
Addiplast Addinyl B2 1 Flame Retardant Nylon 6 Addiplast Addinyl
Ascend Performance Materials Vydyne® R220/R228 Nylon 66, 40% Mineral Reinforced, Conditioned (2.5% Moisture) Ascend Performance Materials (formerly Solutia) VYDYNE®
Ashley Polymers Ashlene® 528L Nylon 66 Ashley Polymers Ashlene®
Chem Polymer Chemlon 102 Nylon 66, Nucleated Chem Polymer Chemlon
Ashley Polymers Ashlene® 727 Nylon 6 Ashley Polymers Ashlene®
Asia International Enterprise (Hong Kong) 60G3F Nylon 66, 15% Filled Asia Int'l Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited
DSM Akulon® S223-D (Cond.) Nylon 66 (North America) DSM Engineering Plastics Akulon®
RTP Company RTP 283 HEC Nylon 6/6 (PA), Nickel-Coated Carbon Fiber - Electrically Conductive - EMI/RFI/ESD Protection RTP Company
RTP Company RTP 299 A X 92682 A Nylon 6 (PA), High Gravity Compound - Easy Molding RTP Company
EMS-Grivory Grivory® F 50 nat 6368 PA6 EMS-Grivory (EMS-CHEMIE) Grivory®
Kuraray Genestar™ GN2450 Nylon, 45% Glass Filled Kuraray Company Genestar™
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