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Aptek 2506-A/B Room temperature curing, low modulus urethane conformal coating

Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoset , Polyurethane, TS , Thermoset Polyurethane, Adhesive
Manufacturer Aptek Laboratories
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Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Room temperature curing, low modulus urethane conformal coatingAPTEK 2506-A/B is an unfilled, two component, electrically insulating, transparent, flexible urethane coating system designed for the encapsulation and protection of electrical/electronic components mounted on printed circuit boards. Capable of curing at RT, rapid cure with low/moderate heat cycle; Non-TDI based for safety; Excellent reversion resistance for good physical stability under high heat and humidity environments; Tg below -55ºC for excellent low temperature cycling, storage and performance; Excellent substrate adhesion; superior to silicones; Fluoresces under black-light (UV)APTEK 2506-A is a blue unfilled polyol resin. APTEK 2506-B is a amber colored organic isocyanate which make cause severe eye and skin irritation with direct contact..Information provided by Aptek Laboratories, Inc.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 0.900 g/cc
0.0325 lb/in³
A Component; ASTM D1475
1.22 g/cc
0.0441 lb/in³
B Component; ASTM D1475
Viscosity 90 cP
90 cP
A Component; ASTM D1824
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Shore A 88
Cured property; ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 12.4 MPa
1800 psi
Cured property; ASTM D412
Elongation at Break 275 %
275 %
Cured property; ASTM D412
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
CTE, linear 90.5 µm/m-°C

@Temperature 20.0 °C
50.3 µin/in-°F

@Temperature 68.0 °F
Cured property; alpha 1; JMTP P200
197 µm/m-°C

@Temperature 20.0 °C
109 µin/in-°F

@Temperature 68.0 °F
Cured property; alpha 2; JMTP P200
Glass Transition Temp, Tg -60.0 °C
-76.0 °F
Cured property; JMTP P200
Flash Point 10.0 °C
50.0 °F
A Component; ASTM D92
200 °C
392 °F
B Component; ASTM D92
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Transmission, Visible 90 %
90 %
transparent; thickness not quantified
Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
Volume Resistivity 8.50e+15 ohm-cm
8.50e+15 ohm-cm
Cured property; ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 3.4

@Frequency 1000 Hz

@Frequency 1000 Hz
Cured property; ASTM D150
Dielectric Strength >= 59.1 kV/mm

@Thickness 0.0508 mm
>= 1500 kV/in

@Thickness 0.00200 in
Cured; ASTM D149
Dissipation Factor 0.024

@Frequency 1000 Hz

@Frequency 1000 Hz
Cured property; ASTM D150
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Processing Temperature 25.0 °C
77.0 °F
Cure 7 days
65.0 °C
149 °F
Cure 1 hr
85.0 °C
185 °F
Cure 30 min.
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