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Parker Chomerics CHO-MASK II ST Conductive Foil Tape

Category Polymer , Tape
Manufacturer Parker Chomerics
Trade Name CHO-MASK II
Port Ningbo port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
The CHO-MASK II family of EMI foil tapes includes both Standard Tack (ST) and High Tack (HT) versions for providing a conductive, non-corroding surface on painted metal electronic enclosures. CHO-MASK II tapes consist of recessed polyester paint masking film covering a layer of either 1 oz. (28.4g) or 2 oz. (56.7g) tinplated copper foil. The back of the foil features a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). CHO-MASK II tape is applied to clean metal frame, door and panel surfaces where electrical continuity is required. After painting, the peel-off mask is easily removed, allowing the paint to seal both edges of the foil layer. The foil imparts a clean, electrically conductive path from the panel, through an EMI gasket, to the cabinet frame. It also provides grounding points within the enclosure.Application: Oven bake under 350°F (177°C); Suitable for flat flange and radius applications; No length restrictionInformation provided by Chomerics
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Thickness 35.6 microns
1.40 mil
1 oz. Tinned Copper Foil
45.7 microns
1.80 mil
Acrylic Adhesive
71.1 microns
2.80 mil
2 oz Tinned Copper Foil
81.3 microns
3.20 mil
2 oz. Total Tickness; ASTM D1000
117 microns
4.60 mil
1 oz. Total Thickness; ASTM D1000
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Maximum Service Temperature, Air 82.0 °C
180 °F
Minimum Service Temperature, Air -40.0 °C
-40.0 °F
Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
Surface Resistance <= 0.20 ohm
<= 0.20 ohm
Chomerics TM 71
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Cure Time <= 60.0 min

@Temperature 185 °C
<= 1.00 hour

@Temperature 365 °F
Paint Cure Cycle; Chomerics
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Adhesion After Heat Aging 490 N/m
48 hrs. @ 180°C; ASTM D1000
Adhesion Mask to Foil 24 oz./inch
ASTM D1000
Adhesion to Aluminum 543 N/m
48 hrs @ 177°C; ASTM D1000
700 N/m
1 hr @ 177°C; ASTM D1000
718 N/m
168 hrs @ 74°C/95% RH; ASTM D1000
893 N/m
1 hr @ 204°C; ASTM D1000
Adhesion to Steel 525 N/m
48 hrs @ 177°C; ASTM D1000
683 N/m
1 hr @ 177°C; ASTM D1000
700 N/m
168 hrs @ 74°C/95% RH; ASTM D1000
875 N/m
1 hr @ 204°C; ASTM D1000
Chemical Resistance Pass
Trichloroethane, ethanol, acids, cleaning solvents, and alkaline solutions; ASTM D896-84
Corrosion Resistance Pass
Salt Fog Chamber at 35°C, 144 hrs; MIL-STD-810
Humidity Exposure Pass
@ 60°C for 96 hours 95% RH; ASTM D1001
Mask Type Polyester
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