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Category : Polyethylene (PE) Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Orbilan RubberLen® 70 TPE, light grey Orbilan
Polimeri Europa Flexirene® FH 56 A Butene Copolymer Linear Low Density Polyethylene Polimeri Europa (Former EniChem) Flexirene®
Network Polymers NPP 50-0158 Network Polymers
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® FPr017-D Octene LLDPE Film Resin NOVA Chemicals Sclair®
DuPont™ Sclairfilm® LX-3 LLDPE Film, Laminating, 50.8 µm Thickness  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 11L1 Octene LLDPE Film Resin  (discontinued **)
Formosa Plastics Formolene® L62608A Film (Hexene Grade) LLDPE  (discontinued **)
Lotte Chemical Titan TITANCEED® mL156 Linear low density polyethylene resin  (discontinued **)
Huntsman PE5030 Extrusion Coating Polyethylene  (discontinued **)
Chevron Phillips HiD® 9301 HDPE Natural Pipe Resin  (discontinued **)
Total Finathene® 2344 HDPE film  (discontinued **)
Total Lacqtene® 2001 TYL 46 HDPE pipe  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® IG454-A Injection Molded HDPE Resin NOVA Chemicals Sclair®
LyondellBasell Lupolen® UHM 301 MDPE, Ultra-High Molecular Weight LyondellBasell Lupolen®
LyondellBasell Alathon® L5008HP High Density Polyethylene, Pressure Pipe Extrusion Grade LyondellBasell (former Equistar) Alathon®
ICO Polymers ICOFLOâ„¢ 510-5052 1200 Micron LDPE Powder ICO Polymers (A Schulman Inc.) ICOFLO™
JPJ Technologies 2300XM HDPE Extrusion JPJ Technologies
LyondellBasell Petrothene® LP540200 High Density Polyethylene LyondellBasell (former Equistar) Petrothene®
Spartech Polypedic F High Density Polyethylene Spartech Polypedic
Sibur 153-02K 1st Grade Polyethylene for Cable Production Sibur
SIDPEC EGYPTENE® HD 3840 UA MDPE Rotational Molding SIDPEC (Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co.) EGYPTENE®
Borealis BorPEX™ HE2515 High Density Polyethylene Compound for Silane Crosslinked Pipes Borealis BorPEX™
Borealis LE0310-44 Polyethylene Compound, Crosslinkable, Semiconductive Borealis
Borealis SuperCOPO™ LH4201R Polyethylene Insulation Compound, Crosslinkable Borealis SuperCOPO™
A. Schulman POLYFLAM™ RCP 500 C
Unipetrol PE HD LITEN® MB 68 HDPE Unipetrol RPA PE HD LITEN®
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ 10178Z Amber Concentrate Based in LDPE
A. Schulman POLYBLAK™ 4479-01 Black Color Concentrate, 50% Carbon Black Based In LLDPE
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Hot Pink 50377 Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
Westlake Plastics Lennite® CN-P UHMW Polyethylene (conductive) Westlake Plastics Lennite® CN-P
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Grey 8218 Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Beige 1266E Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White LL8000 AP Concentrate Based In LLDPE A. Schulman, Inc. POLYBATCH™
ExxonMobil Hicor® 30 HT 183 OHD Film Exxon Chemical Hicor®
ExxonMobil LDPE LD 171BA Low Density Polyethylene Resin (European Grade) Exxon Chemical LDPE
Dow ATTANE™ 4404G, 2mil Ultra Low Density Ethylene/Octene Copolymer Dow Chemical ATTANE™
Dow DOWLEX™ 2045.02AC Linear Low Density Polyethylene, Blown Film Grade Dow Chemical DOWLEX™
Dow FLEXOMER™ GRSN-1539 NT 7 Very Low Density Polyethylene (VLDPE) Resin Dow Chemical FLEXOMER™
Dow LDPE 5004IM Low Density Polyethylene Dow Chemical
Dow UNIVAL™ DMDF-6200 NT 7 High Density Polyethylene Resin (HDPE) Dow Chemical UNIVAL™
Braskem AC59 HDPE Monofilament Polyethylene Homopolymer Braskem
Braskem LQ 0518/21 AF LLDPE Blown Film Extrusion Polyethylene Braskem
Breplast Bretene LD FILM Low Density Polyethylene Breplast S.P.A. Bretene
Carmel Olefins IPETHENE® 100 Low Density Polyethylene Carmel Olefins IPETHENE®
Huntsman PE2030 Injection Molding Polyethylene  (discontinued **)
ExxonMobil Paxon™ BC50-100 Sheet Extrusion and Blow Molding Resin  (discontinued **)
Total Finathene® 4344 HDPE, blow molding  (discontinued **)
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Norwegian Wood 60242U/3 Concentrate Based In LLDPE
M. Holland Company MAGMA® LM233-A LLDPE  (discontinued **)
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