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Category : Polyethylene (PE) Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Okulen® 1000 PE-UHMW, MoS2 -Moly- Okulen
Polimeri Europa Eraclene® ML 70 U High Density Polyethylene - Injection Molding Polimeri Europa (Former EniChem) Eraclene®
Polystrand ThermoPro™ IE7020X X-Ply Cross-Ply Polyethylene-Glass Composite Polystrand, Inc. ThermoPro™
Quadrant EPP TIVAR® 1000 UHMW-PE, Virgin (ASTM Product Data Sheet) Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products TIVAR®
North Wood Plastics HDPE with 20% Wood Fiber North Wood Plastics
SABIC R40039E Medium Density Polyethylene for Rotational Molding SABIC
Chevron Phillips 5622 LDPE Shrink and Heavy Duty Packaging Film Resin  (discontinued **)
Eastman 1924P Polyethylene  (discontinued **)
Total Lacqtene® 2001 TMA 46 HDPE pipe  (discontinued **)
Lotte Chemical Titan TITANEX® MR4086 Medium density polyethylene resin  (discontinued **)
Kazanorgsintez 102-03K Cable Composition Based on Low Density Polyethylene Kazanorgsintez
ICO Polymers ICORENEâ„¢ 115-1650 LMDPE Rotational Molding Resin ICO Polymers (A Schulman Inc.) ICORENE™
Ineos HP54-60 Flake Polyethylene Copolymer Flake Ineos Olefins & Polymers USA
LG Chemical SEETEC BF500 LDPE LG Chemical SEETEC
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP STAT-KON FX98501 PE (Asia Pacific) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics) LNP STAT-KON
SIDPEC EGYPTENE® HD 5502 GA HDPE Blow Molding SIDPEC (Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co.) EGYPTENE®
SCG Chemicals EL-Leneâ„¢ LD1630J Low Density Polyethylene Injection Molding SCG Chemicals Co. EL-Lene™
Borealis Bormed™ LE6607-PH LDPE for Pharmaceutical Blow Molding Borealis Bormed™
A. Schulman LP477-01 High-Density Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Canyon 10290U/4 Concentrate Based In LLDPE
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Violet 4022 Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White LL8350 AP Concentrate Based In LLDPE
A. Schulman LP554-01 Narrow Molecular Weight Homopolymer, High-Density Polyethylene
A. Schulman PAPERMATCH® T-39617 Specialty Masterbatch
Westlake Hifor Xtreme SC74840 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Westlake Chemical Corporation Hifor Xtreme
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ CE-505-E Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White LL8855 GP Concentrate Based In LLDPE
Zotefoams Plastazote® HL79 Polyethylene Foam Zotefoams Plastazote®
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ 10178 Amber Concentrate Based in LDPE
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Deep Red 50389 Concentrate Based In Linear Low-Density Polyethylene
A. Schulman LP477-01 High-Density Polyethylene A. Schulman, Inc.
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Blue 4535 Concentrate Based In Polyethylene A. Schulman, Inc. POLYBATCH™
DuPont™ Bynel® 41E710 Anhydride Modified LLDPE DuPont Bynel®
ExxonMobil LDPE LD 123.LN Low Density Polyethylene Resin Exxon Chemical LDPE
Dow DOWLEX™ 2535 Linear Low Density Polyethylene, Narrow MW Distribution Dow Chemical DOWLEX™
Dow FLEXOMER™ DFDB-1088 NT Very Low Density Polyethylene (VLDPE) Resin Dow Chemical FLEXOMER™
Arkema Group OREVAC® 18921A Epoxide Modified Polyethylene Arkema OREVAC®
Braskem TX7012 LDPE Blown Film Extrusion Polyethylene Braskem
Bapolene® 122B Polyethylene, Film Grade Bapolene®
Bapolene® 142B Polyethylene Film Grade Bapolene®
Akzo Nobel Blow Molding of HDPE with 3.25 % Expancel Akzo Nobel, Expancel
Braskem IP2418 LDPE Injection Molding Polyethylene Braskem
Iran Petrochemical (PCC) Arak 0640AA LLDPE  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 94D1 HDPE Extrusion Resin  (discontinued **)
ExxonMobil Escorene® HD-8660 HDPE, Rotational Molding Pellets  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 14B1 Butene LMDPE Film Resin  (discontinued **)
Overview of materials for Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Masterbatch Grade
Amco PRIMATOP HDPE 002955 Phillips Process Hexene Copolymer Amco Plastic Materials PRIMATOP
ExxonMobil Exceed™ 3527PA Metallocene Polyethylene Resin Exxon Chemical Exceed™
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