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Polimeri Europa Extir Leonardo B 5000 AE Expandable Polystyrene  (discontinued **)

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Polystyrene (PS) , Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
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Port Shanghai port,China
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Material Notes:
Extir B 5000 AE is a flame retardant expandable polystyrene in the form of spherical beads of medium-large particle size, containing pentane as blowing agent. Extir does not contain CFC or HCFC. Extir B 5000 AE is used for production of medium density blocks for the thermal insulation sector. This grade is characterised by fast moulding cycles, good fusion and low energy needs. The cut board exhibits high mechanical strength and good surface finishing.Applications: Extir B 5000 AE is used mainly in the construction sector where, for legislative or safety reasons, the use of a flame retardant material is required. Typical applications are: • blocks, especially for external thermal insulation • medium / high density elastified blocks for impact sound absorption (Trittschall) • void formers, trough formers and culvert formers cut from block • blocks or slabs for road foundations and civil constructionIt is recommended to keep the product in a dry well ventilated store between 15-20°C. For product packaged in octabins the guaranteed shelf-life is one month; product in steel drums has a six months guaranteed shelf-life. During the processing of Expandable Polystyrene any sparkle or flame must be avoided and smoking should be forbidden. An adequate electrical grounding of machinery and of pneumatic transport lines is recommended. For further information concerning storage, packaging and processing recautions please refer to "Styrenics - Technical data sheets" and to the "Extir Safety Data Sheet". Regarding "flame retardant" properties, articles made from Extir AE are officially certified “B1 nach DIN 4102”. The action of the flame retardant additive is exerted only after the elimination of blowing agent and, therefore, only after Extir AE has been transformed into foamed articles (suitably aged where necessary).Processing: Extir B 5000 AE can be easily pre-expanded over a wide density range from 15 to 30 kg/m³. The recommended ageing time before moulding obviously depends on the preexpanded density and ranges from 4 to 48 hours. Moulding is characterised by fast cycle times. In addition, due to an excellent reaction to steam, it is possible to mould with a higher content of FR recycled material without significant reduction in properties. Blocks are cut into sheets of the desired thickness or into shaped articles by means of hot and/or oscillating wires.Information provided by Polimeri Europa
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Bulk Density 0.590 - 0.630 g/cc
0.0213 - 0.0228 lb/in³
Density 0.0160 - 0.0300 g/cc
0.000578 - 0.00108 lb/in³
Apparent Bulk Density 0.0150 g/cc
0.000542 lb/in³
On a discontinuous pre-expander
0.0170 g/cc
0.000614 lb/in³
On a continuous pre-expander after one expansion
Particle Size 900 - 1600 µm
900 - 1600 µm
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