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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Nye Lubricants 100 (DMO) Delicate Machinery Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 132DC (SO) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 186 (SO) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 790DM (RL) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants UniFlor 8971S (UF) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants UniFlor
Michelman® Michem® Lube 156 Nonionic carnauba wax emulsion Michelman® Michem® Lube
Lubriplate CLEARPLEX 2 Aluminum Complex USP Mineral Oil-Based Food Machinery Grade Grease Lubriplate Lubricants CLEARPLEX
Lubriplate FMO 500 AW USP Mineral Oil-Based Food Machinery Grade Oil Lubriplate Lubricants FMO
Lubriplate SFGO Ultra 7 Ultra-7 Spray Food Grade Spray Lubricant Lubriplate Lubricants SFGO Ultra
Lubriplate SYN LUBE 150 PAO-Based Multi-Purpose Synthetic Fluid Lubriplate Lubricants SYN LUBE
Gwent Electronic Materials C2100419D1 Copper Paste Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
Heatbath/Park Nu-Sal High Speed Hardening Salt Heatbath Corporation - Park Metallurgical
LG Chemical Acrylic Acid LG Chemical
Indium Corp. WF-7742 VOC-Free Wave Solder Flux Indium Corporation of America
Silikony Polskie Polsil OM 10000 Methyl Silicone Fluid Silikony Polskie Polsil
Solvay ALKAMULS® 600-DO Surfactant Solvay ALKAMULS®
Solvay CATAFOR® CA80 Surfactant Solvay CATAFOR®
Solvay MIRACARE® BC-27 Surfactant Solvay MIRACARE®
Solvay SIPOMER® COPS-I Sodium 1-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxypropane Sulfonate Solvay SIPOMER®
ExxonMobil 320 Mobilgear SHC Series
ExxonMobil Diol 17 RD 40
ExxonMobil Fenso 71
ExxonMobil Unirex PF 500
Chesterton 273 Electric Motor Cleaner Chesterton
ChevronTexaco ECO® SAE 30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil ChevronTexaco Corp ECO®
ChevronTexaco ISO 100 Red Chain Bar Oil ChevronTexaco Corp
ChevronTexaco ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil AW ChevronTexaco Corp
ChevronTexaco Mechanism LPS® ISO 100 Hydraulic Oil ChevronTexaco Corp Mechanism LPS®
ExxonMobil Exterex™ A34 Synthetic Fluid Exxon Chemical Exterex™
ChevronTexaco SYMBOL 9250 Marine Engine Oil, SAE 40 ChevronTexaco Corp SYMBOL
ChevronTexaco TEGRA® ISO 680 Synthetic Gear Lubricant ChevronTexaco Corp TEGRA®
ExxonMobil Solvesso™ 100 Aromatic Fluid Exxon Chemical Solvesso™
ExxonMobil 13M Mobil DTE 10M Series ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil Ronex MP ExxonMobil
ConocoPhillips ANDEROL® HTC PG 150 Chain & Way Fluid, Synthetic Polyglycol Food Grade Fluid ISO 150 ConocoPhillips ANDEROL®
ConocoPhillips ANDEROL® PQ AA 1000 White Mineral Food Grade Gear Oil, ISO Grade 1000, SAE Gear Oil Grade 1000 ConocoPhillips ANDEROL®
ConocoPhillips Hydroclear® MV32 AW Hydraulic Fluid ConocoPhillips Hydroclear®
Dow Corning XIAMETER® PMCPPMX-200 1.5CS Silicone Fluid Dow Corning XIAMETER®
BASF Caprolactam Liquid BASF Caprolactam Liquid
BASF Isobutyleneoxide BASF
BASF Lupranate® 227 Isocyanate BASF Lupranate®
Celanese ELITE PLUS VAE Emulsion for Nonwovens Celanese Corporation ELITE
Celanese Resyn® 2150 PVAc Emulsion for Paper Coatings Celanese Corporation
BASF 2-Methyl-3-butyn-2-ol BASF
BASF Lupranate® MS/264 Isocyanate BASF Lupranate®
Aremco Heat-Away™ 638 Thermally Conductive Grease, Aluminum Nitride Filled Aremco Heat-Away™
3M Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid 3M Novec™
ExxonMobil 68 Mobil EAL Envirosyn H Series ExxonMobil
Solvay MACKAMIDE® CD-8 Surfactant Solvay MACKAMIDE®
ChevronTexaco ISO 100 Saw Guide Oil ChevronTexaco Corp
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