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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Nye Lubricants 362 (RL) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 5301 (SVLG) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 544 (RS) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 789DM (RL) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 797 (NC346) (RL) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Nye Lubricants 802-1 (FG) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
NuSil MED2-161 Silicone, Primer - Unrestricted Medical Use NuSil
Nye Lubricants 854J (FG) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
Fine Organics FINALUX G 200 Lubricant Additive Fine Organics FINALUX
Lubriplate SFGO Ultra-100 PAO-Based Synthetic Food Machinery Grade Fluid Lubriplate Lubricants SFGO
Gwent Electronic Materials G2020520D1 Gold Metallo-Organic Ink Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
Mitsui LUCANTâ„¢ HC-10 Synthetic Oil Mitsui Chemicals America LUCANT™
Lubriplate SFGO Ultra-68 PAO-Based Synthetic Food Machinery Grade Fluid Lubriplate Lubricants SFGO
Henkel Turco Deoxidizer 6 Makeup / 16 Replenisher Deoxidizer Henkel Turco
Solvay Specialty Polymers Galden® HT270 PFPE Heat Transfer Fluid Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Galden®
Silikony Polskie Silpasta EM Silicone Paste Silikony Polskie Silpasta
Solvay JAGUAR® HP 8 COS Surfactant Solvay JAGUAR®
Shin-Etsu Silicones KMP-598 Fluid Shin-Etsu Silicones
ExxonMobil Diol 17 RD 2040
ExxonMobil Mobil Delvac 30 1630
ExxonMobil 460 Special Mobiltemp SHC Series
ExxonMobil Mobil Zerice 100 S Oil
ExxonMobil Mobilgrease HTR
Dow Corning XIAMETER® PMCPPMX-200 10,000CS Silicone Fluid Dow Corning XIAMETER®
ChevronTexaco 600 White Oil ChevronTexaco Corp
ChevronTexaco Aero SAE 60/Grade 120 Engine Oil Uncompounded ChevronTexaco Corp Aero
ChevronTexaco Geotex® Ashless SAE 40 ChevronTexaco Corp Geotex® Ashless
ChevronTexaco LS Diesel 2 ChevronTexaco Corp
ChevronTexaco NB Soluble Oil ChevronTexaco Corp
ChevronTexaco Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, Heavy Duty ChevronTexaco Corp
ExxonMobil Neo Decanoic Acid, Prime Grade Exxon Chemical
ExxonMobil 22M Mobilgear SHC ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil Gargoyle Arctic 226 SHC 200 Series ExxonMobil Gargoyle Arctic
ExxonMobil LL Mobiltac Double Letter Series ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil Mobil Turbo 24 ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil Mobil Vaculine 525 ExxonMobil Mobil Vaculine
ExxonMobil Mobilarma 525 ExxonMobil Mobilarma
ConocoPhillips ANDEROL® 6680 Synthetic Food Grade Gear Fluid ConocoPhillips ANDEROL®
ConocoPhillips ANDEROL® PQ AA 90 White Mineral Food Grade Gear Oil, ISO Grade 220, SAE Gear Oil Grade 90 ConocoPhillips ANDEROL®
Dow Corning 1250 SURFACTANT Dow Corning
BASF 1,5-Pentanediol (PDO) BASF
BASF HDO® 1,6-Hexanediol Flakes BASF HDO®
Asahi Glass ASAHIKLIN AK-225DH Hydrochlorofluorocarbon Solvent Asahi Glass Company ASAHIKLIN
BASF Hydroxybutyl Vinyl Ether BASF
Gwent Electronic Materials C2090615D1 70:30 Silver Palladium Ink Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
Celanese DUR-O-SET® C-310 PVAc Emulsion for Paper Saturation Celanese Corporation Dur-O-Set®
Solvay RHODICARE H Surfactant Solvay
BASF 2-Pyrrolidone Distilled BASF
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