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Manufacturer : ChevronTexaco Corp Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Category Trade Name
ChevronTexaco 100 Low Lead Aviation Gasoline Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 10-T White Oil White Mineral Oil (WMO)
ChevronTexaco 120 Aircraft Engine Oils Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 250 NC Open Gear Lubricant Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 46 Gas Turbine Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Canopus® 13 Lubricant Canopus®
ChevronTexaco Canopus® 32 Lubricant Canopus®
ChevronTexaco Concrete Form Oil VOC Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Delo® 477 CFO Marine Engine Oil, SAE 40 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco Delo® 6170 CFO Diesel Engine Oil, SAE 40 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco EDM Fluid Lubricant EDM Fluid
ChevronTexaco Extender Fluid
ChevronTexaco HDAX® SAE 30 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil Lubricant HDAX®
ChevronTexaco Heavy Duty Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Lubricant
ChevronTexaco ISO 150 Saw Guide Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco ISO 150 Ultra Gear Lubricant Lubricant
ChevronTexaco ISO 320 AIO Lubricant
ChevronTexaco LS Heating Fuel 2 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco MCP Grease L NLGI Grade 00 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Meropa® 100 Lubricant Meropa®
ChevronTexaco NLGI 1 Moly Grease EP Lithium Gellant
ChevronTexaco Novatex® EP NLGI Grade 000 Calcium Gellant Novatex® EP
ChevronTexaco ParaLux® 701R Process Oil Lubricant ParaLux®
ChevronTexaco ParaMount™ 1005 Paraffinic Process Oil Lubricant ParaMount™
ChevronTexaco Pinnacle® EP 150 Lubricant Pinnacle® EP
ChevronTexaco Pinnacle® EP 460 Lubricant Pinnacle® EP
ChevronTexaco Regal® 680 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Regal® N-100 R&O Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Rykon® ISO 15 Premium Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco SAE 40 Military Symbol 9250 Engine Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Superla® 38 White Oil White Mineral Oil (WMO) Superla®
ChevronTexaco Supreme SAE 10W-40 Motor Oil Lubricant Supreme
ChevronTexaco Syn-Star® 320 Chain Oil Lubricant Syn-Star®
ChevronTexaco Syntholube® ISO 150 Compressor Oil Lubricant Syntholube®
ChevronTexaco Syntholube® ISO 32 Compressor Oil Lubricant Syntholube®
ChevronTexaco TEGRA® ISO 150 Synthetic Gear Lubricant Lubricant TEGRA®
ChevronTexaco TEGRA® SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lubricant Lubricant TEGRA®
ChevronTexaco Texcool® EXL 300 Fluid Texcool® EXL
ChevronTexaco Texmar 16 SG SAE 40 Lubricant Texmar
ChevronTexaco Alcaid® 220 Lubricant Alcaid®
ChevronTexaco Anti-Freeze/Coolant Fluid
ChevronTexaco Clarity® ISO 100 Paper Machine Oil Lubricant Clarity®
ChevronTexaco Coupling Grease NLGI Grade 0/1 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Doro® AR SAE 30 Lubricant Doro® AR
ChevronTexaco Soluble XL Lubricant Soluble
ChevronTexaco URSA® SAE 50 Super Plus Lubricant URSA®
ChevronTexaco Ulti-Plex® NLGI 1 Greases EP Lithium Gellant Ulti-Plex®
ChevronTexaco Bright-Cut® AM Metal Working Fluid Lubricant Bright-Cut®
ChevronTexaco Havoline® SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Lubricant Havoline®
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