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Manufacturer : ChevronTexaco Corp Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Category Trade Name
ChevronTexaco 128 Refined Wax Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 17 SG 2000 Diesel Engine Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 220 Way Lubricant Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 68 Way Lubricant Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 9-T White Oil White Mineral Oil (WMO)
ChevronTexaco A Jet Fuel Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Almag® Oil Lubricant Almag®
ChevronTexaco Canopus® 13 Lubricant Canopus®
ChevronTexaco Delo® 400 Synthetic, SAE 5W-40 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco Elite-Cut® NH Metal Working Fluid Lubricant Elite-Cut®
ChevronTexaco FM Grease EP Aerosol Urea Gellant FM
ChevronTexaco FM Penetrating Oil Aerosol Lubricant FM
ChevronTexaco HDAX® ISO 100 NG Screw Compressor Oil Lubricant HDAX®
ChevronTexaco Hydraulic Safety Fluid Lubricant
ChevronTexaco ISO 68 AIO Lubricant
ChevronTexaco ISO 680 Ultra Gear Lubricant Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Meropa® 460 Lubricant Meropa®
ChevronTexaco Multifak® EP NLGI Grade 1 Lithium Gellant Multifak® EP
ChevronTexaco NC Open Gear Grease Lubricant
ChevronTexaco NLGI 2 Moly Grease EP Lithium Gellant
ChevronTexaco Polystar® RB NLGI Grade 2 Urea Gellant Polystar®
ChevronTexaco Polystar® Synthetic 4602 NLGI Grade Urea Gellant Polystar®
ChevronTexaco RPM® SAE 10W-30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Starguide™ ISO 150 Lubricant Starguide™
ChevronTexaco Taro® 20 DP SAE 40 Lubricant Taro®
ChevronTexaco TEGRA® ISO 32 Synthetic Compressor Oil Lubricant TEGRA®
ChevronTexaco Texcool® P 200 Fluid Texcool®
ChevronTexaco Texglass MV Lubricant Texglass
ChevronTexaco Texmar ZF 17 SAE 40 Lubricant Texmar
ChevronTexaco Transformer Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco URSA® SAE 10W Super Plus Lubricant URSA®
ChevronTexaco Vanguard® 680 Lubricant Vanguard®
ChevronTexaco Vistac® ISO 32 Rock Drill Oil Lubricant Vistac®
ChevronTexaco Wheel End Grease Urea Gellant
ChevronTexaco Almag® Special Lubricant Almag®
ChevronTexaco Black Pearl® NLGI 1 Grease EP Urea Gellant Black Pearl®
ChevronTexaco Clarity® ISO 100 Saw Guide Oil Lubricant Clarity®
ChevronTexaco Delo® 100 Motor Oil, SAE 40 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco Delo® 3000 Marine Engine Oil, SAE 40 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco ISO 32 Turbine Oil TR Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Pinnacle® 32 Lubricant Pinnacle®
ChevronTexaco Spindura® 10 Lubricant Spindura®
ChevronTexaco Starguide™ ISO 100 Lubricant Starguide™
ChevronTexaco Sugartex® Lubricant Sugartex®
ChevronTexaco Alcaid® 10 Lubricant Alcaid®
ChevronTexaco ISO 150 Machine Oil AW Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Rykotac® Grease EP Urea Gellant
ChevronTexaco Ulti-Plex® NLGI 1 Greases EP Lithium Gellant Ulti-Plex®
ChevronTexaco Havoline® Prediluted 50/50 Anti-Freeze/Coolant Fluid Havoline®
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