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Manufacturer : ChevronTexaco Corp Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Category Trade Name
ChevronTexaco 120 Aircraft Engine Oils Premium AD Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 250 NC-HT Open Gear Lubricant Lubricant
ChevronTexaco 460 PMO Premium Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Cepheus® 150 Lubricant Cepheus®
ChevronTexaco Cleartex® CF D Lubricant Cleartex®
ChevronTexaco Crater® Fluid M Lubricant Crater®
ChevronTexaco Delo® 400 SAE 50 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco Delo® 6170 CFO Diesel Engine Oil, SAE 40 Lubricant Delo®
ChevronTexaco ECO® SAE 30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil Lubricant ECO®
ChevronTexaco Gear Compounds EP, ISO 680 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Geotex® Ashless SAE 30 Lubricant Geotex® Ashless
ChevronTexaco Geotex® LA SAE 15W-40 Lubricant Geotex® LA
ChevronTexaco HDAX® SAE 40 Medium Ash Gas Engine Oil Lubricant HDAX®
ChevronTexaco HiPerSYN™ ISO 150 Oil Lubricant HiPerSYN™
ChevronTexaco ISO 150 Marine Oil E Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Marfak® Heavy Duty 3 Organic Soap Gellant Marfak®
ChevronTexaco Molytex® EP NLGI Grade 0 Lithium Gellant Molytex® EP
ChevronTexaco Multifak® AFB NLGI Grade 2 Lithium Gellant Multifak® AFB
ChevronTexaco NB Soluble Oil Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Phosphate-Free Heavy Duty Coolant Fluid
ChevronTexaco Pinnacle® EP 320 Lubricant Pinnacle® EP
ChevronTexaco Rando® HD 46 Ashless Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Rando® HDZ 15 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Rando® HDZ 68 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Regal® EP 46 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Regal® Marine 77 Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Starguide™ ISO 46 Lubricant Starguide™
ChevronTexaco Sugartex® Heavy Lubricant Sugartex®
ChevronTexaco Supreme SAE 10W-40 Motor Oil Lubricant Supreme
ChevronTexaco Taro® 16 XD SAE 30 Lubricant Taro®
ChevronTexaco Taro® 20 DP SAE 40 Lubricant Taro®
ChevronTexaco Taro® 30 DP SAE 30 Lubricant Taro®
ChevronTexaco Taro® 40 XL SAE 40 Lubricant Taro®
ChevronTexaco TEGRA® Synthetic Barrier Fluid Lubricant TEGRA®
ChevronTexaco URSA® SAE 30 Super Plus Lubricant URSA®
ChevronTexaco Bright-Cut® AXH Metal Working Fluid Lubricant Bright-Cut®
ChevronTexaco Clarity® ISO 68 Hydraulic Oil AW Lubricant Clarity®
ChevronTexaco Drive Train Fluid HD, SAE 10W Lubricant
ChevronTexaco Dura-Lith® NLGI 0 Grease EP Lithium Gellant Dura-Lith®
ChevronTexaco Grade 11 Utility Oil HVI Lubricant
ChevronTexaco GST® ISO 100 Oil Lubricant GST®
ChevronTexaco GST® ISO 68 Oil Lubricant GST®
ChevronTexaco NLGI 2 SRI Grease Urea Gellant
ChevronTexaco Sil-X® SF Grease Silica Gellant Sil-X®
ChevronTexaco Alcaid® 150 Lubricant Alcaid®
ChevronTexaco Ulti-Plex® NLGI 1 Greases EP Lithium Gellant Ulti-Plex®
ChevronTexaco Havoline® Power Steering Fluid Lubricant Havoline®
ChevronTexaco Havoline® SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Lubricant Havoline®
ChevronTexaco Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid Lubricant
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