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Polymer Property : Density = 0.160 g/cc Product List

Physical Properties

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Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 0.120 - 0.160 g/cc
0.00434 - 0.00578 lb/in³
Microcell Composite Company CELLIFF® F-1020ST Polymer Foam
CELLIFF® FOAM is Light & rigid, tenacious & durable. Patterns can be easily molded into the foam surface. We possess the technology to increase surface hardness to meet requirement.Information pr..
Density 0.144 - 0.160 g/cc
0.00521 - 0.00579 lb/in³
Unifrax Insulfrax® Paper
Insulfrax® Paper is an evolutionary product which is manufactured by forming Insulfrax Fiber in a nonwoven matrix. These fibers are randomly oriented during manufacturing and then held in place wi..
Density 0.112 - 0.160 g/cc
0.00405 - 0.00578 lb/in³
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool 3000 Paper
Kaowool Flex-Wrap is produced from a blend of Kaowool high purity ceramic fibers and organic binders in a unique paper making process. Due to its low organic binder content, offgassing is at a minim..
Density 0.128 - 0.160 g/cc
0.00462 - 0.00578 lb/in³
Thermal Ceramics K-shield BF Paper
K-Shield BF Paper is a totally organic-free paper produced from premium, cleaned Kaowool high-purity fibers in a unique paper-making process. The cleaning process of these special fibersimproves the..
Density 0.140 - 0.160 g/cc
0.00506 - 0.00578 lb/in³
Zircar Refractory Composites SB-2000 SILICA BLANKET
ZIRCAR Silica Blanket Type SB-2000 is a high temperature insulation blanket made of mechanically interlocked continuous filament amorphous silica fibers with useful properties to temperatures of 110..
Density 0.144 - 0.160 g/cc
0.00520 - 0.00578 lb/in³
Thermal Ceramics Kaomat SL Blanket
Thermal Ceramics Kaomat insulation is a non-woven needle-felted "E" fiberglass mat. Kaomat is an economical insulating material used extensively in both the marine and commercial insulation markets...
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