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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Outokumpu 4567 Austenitic Stainless Steel Outokumpu
Outokumpu 4742 High Temperature Ferritic Stainless Steel Outokumpu
Niagara LaSalle CPO® Cold Finished Steel Bar Niagara LaSalle CPO®
PSM Industries PolyAlloys WNF-7129 Tungsten Heavy Alloy PSM Industries PolyAlloys
Pyrotek Inconel Mesh Core Pyrotek, Inc.
KB Alloys 20% Copper Aluminum Alloy KB Alloys
Kennametal Stellite Delcrome® 93 Kennametal Stellite Delcrome®
Indium Corp. Indalloy® 164 Pb-In-Ag Solder Alloy Indium Corporation of America Indalloy®
MetalTek MTEK CZ-100 Cast UNS N02100 Severe Corrosion and Heat Resistant Alloy MetalTek MTEK
MetalTek Nitronic® 33 Austenitic Stainless Steel MetalTek Nitronic®
Industeel CLC 18.10 L General Purpose 18Cr-10Ni Austenitic Stainless Steel Groupe Arcelor CLC
Gwent Electronic Materials C2061103D7 Lead free Silver Zinc Basecoat Paste Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
Lucas-Milhaupt BRAZE 53 (TEC) Silver Based Cadmium-Bearing Filler Metal Lucas-Milhaupt BRAZE
H.C. Starck Amperit® 281.3 Gas Atomized (NiAl 95-5) H.C. Starck Amperit®
Haynes HR-120® alloy, solution heat-treated aged at 1800°F for 1000 hours Haynes International, Inc.
Meehanite Almanite® WSH Wear and Abrasion Resisting Cast Iron Meehanite Almanite®
Haynes 556® alloy, 0% cold reduction, 1065°C anneal for 5 minutes Haynes International, Inc.
Haynes Hastelloy® C-22® alloy, 10% cold worked sheet, aged 100 hours at 500°C Haynes International, Inc. Hastelloy®
Special Metals INCONEL® 706 Precipitation Hardening Alloy, Forged Disc, Solution Treated Special Metals (includes the former Inco Alloys International Inc.) INCONEL®
Sylvania SX158 Tungsten & Chrome Based Thermal Spray Powder Sylvania
Universal Wire Works 90SB-3 Steel Welding Wire Universal Wire Works
TIMET TIMETAL® 551 (Ti-4Al-4Mo-4Sn-0.5Si) Titanium Alloy; TIMET TIMETAL®
Williams Advanced Alloys Wambraze™ WB1010 Solder Williams Advanced Alloys Wambraze™
Williams Advanced Alloys WS143 Solder Williams Advanced Alloys
Goodfellow Phosphor Bronze Goodfellow
American Elements Platinum Nanoparticles American Elements
Eagle Brass 210 Gilding Metal, Extra Spring Eagle Brass Company
Eagle Brass 735 Nickel Silver 18%, 1/2 Hard Eagle Brass Company
Crucible Steel WR-95 Tool Steel, AISI H10 Modified Crucible Steel
CMW® ELKONITE® 3W53 Heat Treatable Tungsten Copper material CMW Inc. ELKONITE®
CMW® ELKONITE® 40S Infiltrated Tungsten Silver contact material ASTM B631 CMW Inc. ELKONITE®
Elkem LC Gransil 5-25 mm Granulated Ferrosilicon Elkem LC Gransil
China Tungsten FeMo55-B Ferro Molybdenum China Tungsten
CLAL-MSX DECLAFOR® 1015 TD3 Wire quenched/Cold Rolled Copper Alloy CLAL-MSX DECLAFOR®
Bohler-Uddeholm HOLDER Pre-hardened Holder Tool Steel Bohler-Uddeholm
3M 33806 Premium Performance Aluminum Foil Tape 3M
AK Steel ZINCGRIP® ELECTRASMOOTH® Electrogalvanized Carbon Steel, HSLAS, FORMABLE 40K / SAE J1392 040 XLK or 040 YLK AK Steel ZINCGRIP® ELECTRASMOOTH®
Carpenter No. 484® (Carpenter Air-Hard; AISI A2) Carpenter Technology Corporation (Cartech)
Aleris Alustar H131 Aluminum Alloy Aleris Alustar
Alliance N-35 Neodymium Iron Boron Magnetic Material Alliance LLC
ATI Allegheny Ludlum 430 Ti Controlled Expansion Alloy, UNS K91800 ATI Allegheny Ludlum
ArcelorMittal Speed 35-440 Electrical Steel ArcelorMittal Speed
ATI Allvac® Allcorr® UNS N06110 Nickel Superalloy ATI Allvac Allcorr®
ATI Allvac® M-252 Nickel Superalloy, Heat Treatment: 1177°C (2150°F) Anneal ATI Allvac
ATI Wah Chang Zircadyne® Alloy Zr 705 ATI Wah Chang Zircadyne®
Carpenter AerMet® 100 Aged at 875°F Carpenter Technology Corporation (Cartech) AerMet®
ATI Allegheny Ludlum Martensitic Stainless Steel Type 440A, Hardened + 427°C Temper ATI Allegheny Ludlum
Haynes 625 alloy, 30% cold reduction, 1010°C anneal for 5 minutes Haynes International, Inc.
ATI Allegheny Ludlum Stainless Steel Type 201L, 40% Cold Work (UNS S20103) ATI Allegheny Ludlum
Haynes Hastelloy® C-22® alloy, 0% cold worked sheet, aged 100 hours at 500°C Haynes International, Inc. Hastelloy®
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