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Category : Ceramic Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Nyco MD400 WOLLASTOCOAT® Wollastonite Nyco
MV Labs AS800 As2O3 Arsenic(III) oxide MV Laboratories
MV Labs CU500 CuF2·3H2O Copper(II) fluoride trihydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs IN1000 In2(SO4)3·xH2O Indium(III) sulfate hydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs MO850 (NH4)2MoO4 Ammonium molybdate MV Laboratories
MV Labs PT250 K2PtBr4 Potassium tetrabromoplatinate(II) MV Laboratories
MV Labs Y200 YBr3·9H2O Yttrium bromide hydrate MV Laboratories
Old Hickory Taylor Blend Tennessee Ball Clay Old Hickory Clay Co.
Potters Industries Spheriglass® 2024 Solid Glass Spheres Potters Industries Spheriglass®
Pyrotek Thermollite Insulating Refractory Shapes for Molten Aluminum Pyrotek, Inc.
Parker Chomerics THERM-A-GAP™ T274 Highly Conformable, Thermally Conductive Gap Filler Parker Chomerics THERM-A-GAP™
Piezo Kinetics 906 Lead Nickel Niobate Piezoelectric Piezo Kinetics, Inc.
Mateck Lanthanum Aluminate Substrate, LaAlO3 rhombohedral Mateck GmbH
Gouda Vuurvast CURON 160 H SIC GM Dense Refractory Castable Gouda Vuurvast CURON
Gouda Vuurvast CURON 170 GM Dense Refractory Castable Gouda Vuurvast CURON
Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® SF60 Silicone Rubber Coated Glass Fabric Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX®
H.C. Starck Amperit® 526.062 Agglomerated, Sintered Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt (WC-Co) 83-17 H.C. Starck Amperit®
Heatbath/Park Partherm 430 Heat Transfer Salt Heatbath Corporation - Park Metallurgical
Sharadaa Ceramics ZAP 001 Smart Cast Application Sharadaa Ceramics ZAP
Stellar Canada CERAMITE® CSA Wear Resistant Castable Stellar Canada CERAMITE®
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® 6 High-Performance PTFE-Coated Glass Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab®
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® q-GUARD® 35 Insulation Jacketing Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab® q-GUARD®
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® TCK® 800 High-Strength Leno Weave Small Open Mesh Belting Material Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab® TCK®
Skamol Group SICAL Mortar Silicon Carbide Mortar Skamol Group SICAL
Schott RG1000 Long Pass Filter Schott Glas Mainz
Thermal Ceramics JM-26 High Temperature Insulating Firebrick Thermal Ceramics
Zircar Refractory Composites RS-99R Refractory Sheet Zircar Refractory Composites, Inc.
Zircar Zirconia ZR-CEM Zirconia Cement Zircar Zirconia
Trelleborg Fillite® FG (300) Alumino-silicate Cenospheres Trelleborg Fillite®
Trelleborg AEM Eccospheres® SI-350 Sodium Borosilicate Glass Microspheres Trelleborg AEM Eccospheres®
Eifeler Coatings Technology TiC/TiN CVD Coating Eifeler Coatings Technology
China Tungsten YG8 Tungsten Carbide for Cutting Tools China Tungsten
China Tungsten YW2 Tungsten Carbide for Cutting Tools China Tungsten
Chosun Refractories HSC-18SC Dense and High-Strength Castable, Superdense Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SB65S Bricks, Oxide Bonded SiC Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SFC-90SC High-Alumina Castable Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SSN-787N Plate Brick Chosun Refractories
CIMBAR CIMBAR™ XF Barite Powder (BaSO4) CIMBAR Performance Minerals CIMBAR™
Chosun Refractories C35 Special High-Density Gunning Castable Chosun Refractories
CIMBAR Suspengel™ 16 High Purity Bentonite, Industrial Grade CIMBAR Performance Minerals Suspengel™
3M H50/10000EPX Glass Bubbles 3M
3M S60HS Glass Bubbles 3M
MV Labs V870 Na3VO4 Sodium orthovanadate MV Laboratories
Schott Glass 8241 Alkaline Earth Aluminosilicate Glass Schott North America
World Minerals Celite® Super Fine® Super Floss Diatomaceous Earth Antiblock Additive Celite Corporation, World Minerals Celite® Super Fine® Super Floss
Ceradyne Ceralloy® 147-1E Silicon Nitride Ceradyne Advanced Ceramics Ceralloy®
Ceradyne Thermo-Sil® Isomolded™ Fused Silica Ceradyne Advanced Ceramics Thermo-Sil®
Hexcel® HexForce™ 1543 Fiber Glass Fabric Hexcel HexForce™
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® q-GUARD® 112 Insulation Jacketing Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab® q-GUARD®
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