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Category : Ceramic Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Nyco NYGLOS® STPO Wollastonite Nyco NYGLOS®
MV Labs ER1000 Er2(SO4)3·8H2O Erbium sulfate octahydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs GD200 GdBr3·xH2O Gadolinium bromide hydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs IN500 InF3 Indium(III) fluoride MV Laboratories
MV Labs K500 KF Potassium fluoride MV Laboratories
MV Labs NA700 NaNO3 Sodium nitrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs PD485 [Pd(NH3)4][PdCl4] Tetraminepalladium(II) tetrachloropalladate(II) MV Laboratories
MV Labs PR400 PrCl3·7H2O Praseodymium chloride heptahydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs PT160 K2Pt(CN)4 Potassium tetracyanoplatinate(II) MV Laboratories
MV Labs RB1000 Rb2SO4 Rubidium sulfate MV Laboratories
Nabaltec NABALOX® NO 613-10 Reactive Alumina Nabaltec GmbH NABALOX®
Nabaltec SYMULOX® Z 72 Synthetic Sintered Mullite Nabaltec GmbH SYMULOX®
Rogers Corporation RO4003C Glass-Reinforced Hydrocarbon and Ceramic Laminate with Thin Film Resistor Foil Rogers Corporation
Old Hickory Volunteer Tennessee Ball Clay Old Hickory Clay Co.
Potters Industries Conduct-O-Fil® S3000-S Silver-Coated Solid Glass Spheres Potters Industries Conduct-O-Fil®
Pyrotek O-1C Low-Temperature Felt Pyrotek, Inc.
Pyrotek Pyrocast ALF2 Low Cement Refractory Castable Pyrotek, Inc. Pyrocast
Pyrotek Pyrocast PT-190 Refractory Cast Parts Pyrotek, Inc. Pyrocast
Ferro CF 7555 Low-Temperature Sealing Ferro Corporation
MarkeTech Carbon Aerogel MarkeTech
MarkeTech Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor Wafer, p-type, Zinc Doped, LEC Grown MarkeTech
MarkeTech Repton 837 Zirconia + 4.4 mol% Calcia MarkeTech
Imerys #6 Tileâ„¢ Kaolin Imerys (Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Co.)
Mo-Sci Corporation B-40-I Blue Filter Glass Mo-Sci Corporation
H.C. Starck Grade A Zirconium Diboride, ZrB2 H.C. Starck
Morgan Advanced Ceramics Sillimantin KS Alumina Silicate Morgan Advanced Ceramics Sillimantin
Ferro EG 0002 Glazes and Sealants Ferro Corporation
Heatbath/Park Parcure 275 Rubber Cure Salt Heatbath Corporation - Park Metallurgical
Schott G018-307 Dental Glass Schott North America
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® 6 Primary PTFE-Coated Glass Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab®
Skamol Group SKAMOBAR 69 Low-Alumina Fireclay Brick Skamol Group SKAMOBAR
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® 10 Basic PTFE-Coated Glass Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab®
M Cubed Technologies SSC-802 Reaction-Bonded Silicon Carbide M Cubed Technologies, Inc
Unifrax Fiberfrax® 7001-C-5 High Purity Bulk Fiber Unifrax I LLC Fiberfrax®
Zircar Zirconia ZYF-S.75G Zirconia Felt Insulation Zircar Zirconia
Hexcel® HexForce™ 1562 Fiber Glass Fabric Hexcel HexForce™
CoorsTek ADD-96 96% Alumina CoorsTek
CoorsTek Pure SiC™ HR CVD Silicon Carbide, > 99.9995% CoorsTek Pure SiC™
China Tungsten YG13X Tungsten Carbide China Tungsten
Chosun Refractories AC-2 Acid-Proof and Heat-Resistant Brick Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories CTC-65SH Monolithic Refractories for Ladle and Tundish Chosun Refractories
Dandong Taico Minerals TAICOCITE® TC3 Magnesium Hydroxide Dandong Taico Minerals TAICOCITE®
Dandong Taico Minerals TAICOCITE® TC80 Magnesium Hydroxide Dandong Taico Minerals TAICOCITE®
China Tungsten Z30 Tungsten Carbide for Mining Purposes China Tungsten
3M K46 Glass Bubbles 3M
American Computer Optics 12.1in Tempered LCD Glass American Computer Optics
Aremco Ceramabond™ 571 High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive/Paste, Magnesium Oxide Filled Aremco Ceramabond™
Pyrotek Pyrocast TG Castable Refractory Pyrotek, Inc. Pyrocast
Sinotek Materials LG Board Heat Insulation Material Ceramic Fiber Board, White Sinotek Materials
Hexcel® HexForce™ 1522RWG Fiber Glass Fabric Hexcel HexForce™
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