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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
MV Labs CO410 CoCl2·6H2O Cobalt(II) chloride hexahydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs NA1000 Na2SO4 Sodium sulfate MV Laboratories
MV Labs NI870 NiC2O4·2H2O Nickel oxalate dihydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs PT800 PtO2·xH2O Platinum(IV) oxide hydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs SN550 (NH4)2SnF6 Ammonium hexafluorostannate(IV) MV Laboratories
Reade Advanced Materials Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (SiO2·nH2O) Reade Advanced Materials
Plasma Coatings 15000 Surface Material Plasma Coatings
PSM Industries Ferro-TiC® HT-6A Age Hardenable Nickel Base PSM Industries Ferro-TiC®
MarkeTech Indium Phosphide Semiconductor Wafer, n-type, Sulfur + Tin Doped, Czochralski-LEC Grown MarkeTech
MarkeTech Repton 663 Mullite MarkeTech
Imerys Kaolexâ„¢ SC Kaolin Imerys (Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Co.) Kaolex™
Mateck LiGaO2 Mateck GmbH
Gouda Vuurvast FI 35-15 Insulating Refractory Brick Gouda Vuurvast
Mid-Mountain Materials SILTEX® 18 Amorphous Silica Textile Mid-Mountain Materials SILTEX®
Minelco UltraCarb LH15 Hydrated Magnesium Calcium Carbonate Minelco Inc. UltraCarb
Mo-Sci Corporation GL-0193 Hollow Glass Spheres Mo-Sci Corporation
KaMin Nulok® 390 Kaolin Clay - Surface Treated KaMin LLC
H.C. Starck Amperit® 560.062 Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt(83-17)-Nickel-SF RC 60 50-50 (Wc-Co / NiSF RC 60) H.C. Starck Amperit®
Ferro IP 530 Thick Film Glass Ferro Corporation
MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer, p-type, Boron Doped, Czochralski-LED Grown MarkeTech
Mateck SrLaAlO4 Mateck GmbH
Mid-Mountain Materials THERMOSEAL® FIBERPAK® M44 Moldable Mid-Mountain Materials THERMOSEAL® FIBERPAK®
H.C. Starck Grade HP Boron Carbide, B4C H.C. Starck
Schott 8235 Dental Glass Schott North America
Schott Glass 8660 Borosilicate Glass Schott North America
Schott Glass 8689 Borosilicate Glass Schott North America
Schott Nextrema® 724-5 Glass Ceramic Schott North America Nextrema®
Saint-Gobain Chemfab® 3 High-Performance PTFE-Coated Glass Saint-Gobain Quartz PLC Chemfab®
Skamol Group SKAMOCAST 14-105 Insulating Castable Skamol Group SKAMOCAST
Schott FIOLAX® amber Neutral Glass Tubing Schott North America
Schott N-KZFS4 Glass Schott North America
Thermal Ceramics Therm-O-Hot HS Patch™ Thermal Ceramics Therm-O-Hot
Zircar Refractory Composites RS-Tape Refractory Sheet Zircar Refractory Composites, Inc.
Zircar Zirconia ALK-15 Alumina Knit Textile Insulation Zircar Zirconia
American Elements Yttria stabilized Zirconia American Elements
Zircar Refractory Composites Alumina Coat Zircar Refractory Composites, Inc.
CoorsTek Pure SiC™ HR CVD Silicon Carbide, > 99.9995% CoorsTek Pure SiC™
Chosun Refractories CRS-60 Blast Furnace Tap-Hole Refractory Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories KSB-AM Special Casting Block Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SCX-90 I Special SiC Castable Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SW88 Special High-Density Gunning Castable Chosun Refractories
China-Yixing Longly Refractories Slab SiC China-Yixing Longly Refractories Co. Ltd
CIMBAR Suspengel™ 30 High Purity Bentonite, Industrial Grade CIMBAR Performance Minerals Suspengel™
Thermal Ceramics Firebrick SR-90 Thermal Ceramics Firebrick
Thermal Ceramics Kao-Tex Tape 2000 Thermal Ceramics Kao-Tex
Unifrax Fiberfrax® QF-180™ Blue Coating Cement Unifrax I LLC Fiberfrax®
Gouda Vuurvast CURON 165 Dense Refractory Castable Gouda Vuurvast CURON
Schott BG28 Band Pass Filter Schott Glas Mainz
China-Yixing Longly Refractories 95 Alumina Ceramic China-Yixing Longly Refractories Co. Ltd
Unifrax Fiberfrax® Moist Pak-D® Ceramic Fiber Insulator Unifrax I LLC Fiberfrax®
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