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Category : Ceramic Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Nyco NYAD® 400 Wollastonite Nyco NYAD®
Nyco NYGLOS® M50 Wollastonite Nyco NYGLOS®
MV Labs CU110 Cu(C2H3O2)2 Copper(II) acetate, anhydrous MV Laboratories
MV Labs CU200 Cu2Br2 Copper(I) bromide MV Laboratories
MV Labs HF1000 Hf(SO4)2 Hafnium sulfate MV Laboratories
MV Labs PD800 PdO Palladium(II) oxide MV Laboratories
PPT BP1000 NiZn Ferrite Powder Powder Processing & Technology LLC (PPT)
MV Labs TM300 Tm2(CO3)3·xH2O Thulium carbonate hydrate MV Laboratories
MV Labs TM870 Tm2(C2O4)3·6H2O Thulium oxalate hydrate MV Laboratories
Nabaltec APYRAL® 24 Al(OH)3 Nabaltec GmbH APYRAL®
Potters Industries Sphericel® 110P8 Hollow Glass Spheres Potters Industries Sphericel®
Magyar Aluminum ALO-DF223 Alumina Magyar Aluminium
Imerys Ewingâ„¢ Kaolin Imerys (Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Co.) Ewing™
Imerys Kingsley - Rogersâ„¢ Kaolin Imerys (Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Co.) Kingsley - Rogers™
Gouda Vuurvast B Sp Dense Refractory Brick Gouda Vuurvast
Gouda Vuurvast VIBRON 160 H Dense Vibrating Refractory Castable Gouda Vuurvast VIBRON
Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® SRS 28 Silica Fabric Coated with Silicone Rubber Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX®
Mid-Mountain Materials CERMEX® BK1800SW Low Biopersistence Thermal Insulation Blanket Mid-Mountain Materials CERMEX®
Misumi Steatite Misumi
H.C. Starck Amperit® 750 Aluminum Oxide-Zirconium Oxide 60-40 (Al2O3-ZrO2) H.C. Starck Amperit®
H.C. Starck Grade M11 Silicon Nitride, Si3N4 H.C. Starck
Heatbath/Park High Speed 60 High Speed Hardening Salt Heatbath Corporation - Park Metallurgical
Heatbath/Park Nu-Sal High Speed Hardening Salt Heatbath Corporation - Park Metallurgical
Solvay Chemicals Ixper® 25M Magnesium Peroxide Solvay Chemicals Ixper®
Sharadaa Ceramics HA 62 High Alumina Brick Sharadaa Ceramics
Sharadaa Ceramics REFCAST Dense Castables Sharadaa Ceramics
Struktol CALCIUM STEARATE Struktol
Sapco Silicon Nitride, Si3N4 Sapco
Unifrax Fibermax® Duraboard® 18H Board Unifrax I LLC Fibermax®
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool HT High Temperature Board Thermal Ceramics Kaowool
Thermal Ceramics MRI 66V Pre-Fired Refractory Shapes Thermal Ceramics MRI
Zircar Ceramics ALBF Alumina Bulk Fiber Zircar Ceramics
Zircar Ceramics HASH-60 Alumina-Silica Insulation Zircar Ceramics
Zircar Zirconia RE Rare Earth Fibers and Textiles Insulation Zircar Zirconia
Cotronics Resbond™ 918 High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive, One Composition Cotronics
China Tungsten YG18C Tungsten Carbide China Tungsten
Chosun Refractories ASM-39 Air-Setting Mortar Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories B2 Blast Furnace Runner Refractory Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories FAM-1 Flame-Gunning Repair Refractory Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories INCT-80S Light-Weight Castable Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SAL90 Special High Alumina brick Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SC40 Bricks, Oxide Bonded SiC Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories SCX-30KL Special SiC Castable Chosun Refractories
Chosun Refractories CRAG-L15 Shroud Nozzle Chosun Refractories
CIMBAR CIMBAR™ 325 Barite Powder (BaSO4) CIMBAR Performance Minerals CIMBAR™
China Tungsten ZY32 Tungsten Carbide for Mining Purposes China Tungsten
Chosun Refractories TD-165H Special Casting Block Chosun Refractories
Alliance BIS-59 Bonded (Composite) Magnetic Material Alliance LLC
Hexcel® HexForce™ 7533RWG Fiber Glass Fabric Hexcel HexForce™
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