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NeXolve Novastrat® 905 Polyimide

Category Polymer , Film , Thermoset , Polyimide, TS , Polyimide, Thermoset Film
Manufacturer NeXolve Corporation
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Port Shanghai port,China
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Material Notes:
High temperature polyimide film with essentially zero coefficient of thermal expansion.NeXolve Novastrat® 905 is a high temperature polyimide film with essentially zero coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Because of this unique property, Novastrat® 905 has been successfully used in demanding optics, satellite, and industrial applications that are exposed to severe temperature fluctuations.Novastrat® 905 is the recommended grade for applications that require essentially zero CTE and stable properties across a wide range of operating temperatures. Novastrat® 905 is provided as a film in sheet form, or liquid resin for spray or flow casting operations. As a liquid, it bonds well to metals and metal oxides, and is supplied with and without a variety of internal adhesion promoters.Information Provided by NeXolve Corporation.
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Tensile Strength 281 MPa

@Thickness 0.0200 mm
40800 psi

@Thickness 0.000787 in
ASTM D882-02
Elongation at Break 7.0 %

@Thickness 0.0200 mm
7.0 %

@Thickness 0.000787 in
ASTM D882-02
Tensile Modulus 7.50 GPa

@Thickness 0.0200 mm
1090 ksi

@Thickness 0.000787 in
ASTM D882-02
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
CTE, linear 0.000 µm/m-°C

@Thickness 1.00 mm,
Temperature -125 - 20.0 °C
0.000 µin/in-°F

@Thickness 0.0394 in,
Temperature -193 - 68.0 °F
ASTM E831-06
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Transmission, Visible 1.7 %

@Thickness 0.0200 mm
1.7 %

@Thickness 0.000787 in
Solar Transmissivity; ASTM E903-96
UV Transmittance 50 %

@Thickness 0.0200 mm,
Wavelength 464 nm
50 %

@Thickness 0.000787 in,
Wavelength 464 nm
50% Transmission UV Cutoff
Reflection Coefficient, Visible (0-1) 0.10

@Thickness 0.0200 mm

@Thickness 0.000787 in
Solar Reflectivity; ASTM E903-96
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Applications Advanced Composites
Electrical Insulators
Industrial Tapes
Space Structures
Thermal Insulation
Characteristics Bonds directly to metals and metal oxides (liquid)
Conductive and non-conductive grades
Essentially zero coefficient of thermal expansion
High heat stability
Solar Absorptivity 0.2
0.8 mil thickness; ASTM E903-96
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