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Michelman® Michem® Prime 4983-40R Ethylene acrylic acid dispersion

Category Fluid , Other Engineering Material , Additive/Filler for Polymer , Polymer , Thermoplastic , Ethylene Acrylic Acid
Manufacturer Michelman®
Trade Name Michem® Prime
Port Ningbo port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Description: Ethylene acrylic acid dispersionUsage: Michem® Prime 498340R is a high solids, more economical version of Michem® Prime 4983R. Like Michem® Prime 4983R, this product provides outstanding adhesion to metallic and cellulosic substrates and enhances the water, grease, oil and solvent resistance of coatings and adhesives. The adhesion properties of Michem® Prime facilitate its use as a primer for extrusion coatings. Utilizing this "tie coat" functionality, dissimilar materials can be combined to produce a substrate with the unique properties of each material.When manufactured in the USA product meets food contact regulations for: Europe: Euro. Res. AP(2004)1 (Restricted) and Commission Regulation (EU) n° 10/2011(Restricted) Germany: BfR Recommendation XIV (Restricted)and BfR Recommendation XXXVI (Restricted)Food Contact Information when manufactured in the USA: FDA:175.105: Components of adhesives. 175.300: Resinous and polymeric components of coatings. (Restricted)175.320: Resinous and polymeric components of coatings for polyolefin films. (Restricted) 176.170: Components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods. (Restricted)176.180: Components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry foods.Information provided by Michelman®
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 0.970 - 0.990 g/cc
0.970 - 0.990 g/cc
Volatiles 59 - 61 %
59 - 61 %
pH >= 7.0
>= 7.0
Recommended pH of system
7.4 - 8.4
7.4 - 8.4
Brookfield Viscosity 1000 - 4000 cP
1000 - 4000 cP
Spindle # 3, rpm 30
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Appearance White, viscous liquid
Emulsifier Charge Ammoniated dispersion
Solids Type Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer
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