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LG Chemical BR 1208 Polybutadiene Polymer

Category Polymer , Thermoset , Rubber or Thermoset Elastomer (TSE)
Manufacturer LG Chemical
Trade Name
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Description: BR1208 is high cis- 1,4 polybutadiene polymer produced by a solution polymerization process employing a stereospecific catalyst to control microstructure, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. This grade is stabilized with a non- staining, non- discoloring antioxidant allowing for its physical property persistence during storage and application. BR1208, having very high cis content more than 97%, have a good abrasion resistance, flex- cracking resistance, resilience and low temperature properties. In addition, BR1208 has an excellent building tack, a good roll processability and white color.Application: BR1208 is used in tire tread, carcass compounds, shoe sole, V- belts, conveyor belt coverings, hose and tube covers, solid golf balls and various industrial products.CAS No: 9003-17-2Information provided by LG Chemical
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 0.910 g/cc
0.910 g/cc
Volatiles 0.20 %
0.20 %
Mooney Viscosity 45

@Temperature 100 °C

@Temperature 212 °F
ML 1+4
Ash 0.050 %
0.050 %
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Tensile Strength at Break 16.7 MPa

@Temperature 145 °C,
Time 2100 sec
2420 psi

@Temperature 293 °F,
Time 0.583 hour
cured; ASTM D412
Elongation at Break 410 %

@Temperature 145 °C,
Time 2100 sec
410 %

@Temperature 293 °F,
Time 0.583 hour
cured; ASTM D412
300% Modulus 0.0108 GPa

@Temperature 145 °C,
Time 2100 sec
1.56 ksi

@Temperature 293 °F,
Time 0.583 hour
cured; ASTM D412
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
cis contents 0.98
Color White
Components BR1208
100, ASTM D3189
60, ASTM D3189
Naphthenic Oil
15, ASTM D3189
Stearic Acid
2, ASTM D3189
1.5, ASTM D3189
0.9, ASTM D3189
3, ASTM D3189
Extractables 0.003
Rheometer 11.8 min
t'90, 160°C, 1° Arc, ASTM D5289
2.9 min
ts1, 160°C, 1° Arc, ASTM D5289
24.5 lb-in
MH, 160°C, 1° Arc, ASTM D5289
4.0 lb-in
ML, 160°C, 1° Arc, ASTM D5289
7.8 min
t'50, 160°C, 1° Arc, ASTM D5289
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