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Colorite Polymers 6511 Clear Extrusion Vinyl Compound

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Vinyl (PVC) , PVC, Extruded
Manufacturer Colorite Polymers
Trade Name
Port Ningbo port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Description: Clear non-toxic vinyl compounds are utilized by the health and medical industries for the extrusion of various components for the production of devices. The vinyl components used in preparation of such medical products must be manufactured to the highest standards of quality and purity. For injection molding, such compounds must also be formulated to provide excellent heat stability, high flow characteristics, and good mold release. Colorite specializes in the manufacture of such compounds. The plant has been so designed as to avoid contamination of materials produced. Quality control procedures have been instituted to assure the processor of complete traceability as well as consistent and reproducible quality.Information provided by Colorite Polymers.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 1.19 g/cc
1.19 g/cc
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Shore A 65
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 11.7 MPa
1700 psi
Elongation at Break 450 %
450 %
100% Modulus 0.00427 GPa
0.620 ksi
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Brittleness Temperature -44.0 °C
-47.2 °F
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Transmission, Visible 90 %
90 %
clear; thickness not quantified
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