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Abatron AboCast 8503-9/AboCure 8503-9 5-Minute Epoxy

Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoset , Epoxy , Epoxy Adhesive
Manufacturer Abatron
Trade Name AboCast
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
AboCast 8503-9/AboCure 8503-9 is a very-fast-hardening 2-component epoxy adhesive, casting, and patching compound. It is a neutral-buff colored, non-sag, mineral-filled putty to be applied with trowel or other bladed tool for patching, filling, bonding, and anchoring in structural and dielectric applications. It does not have the brittleness typical of conventional 5-minute epoxies. It also provides high resistance to weather, water, salt spray, alkalis, diluted acids, several fuels, solvents, and other chemicals. Unlike other epoxies, a thin layer of this compound does not need any longer to harden than a thick casting.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Water Absorption 0.70 %

@Time 86400 sec
0.70 %

@Time 24.0 hour
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Shore D 14

@Time 601 sec

@Time 0.167 hour

@Time 1800 sec

@Time 0.500 hour

@Time 3600 sec

@Time 1.00 hour

@Time 86400 sec

@Time 24.0 hour
Shear Strength 13.4 MPa
1950 psi
Tensile lap
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Pot Life 5.0 min
5.0 min
Gel Time 5.00 min

@Thickness 1.27 mm
5.00 min

@Thickness 0.0500 in
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Color Tan
Parts by Weight (pbw) 100
AboCast 8503-9
AboCure 8503-9
Viscosity Putty
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