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Polymer Property : Density = 0.192 g/cc Product List

Physical Properties

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Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 0.160 - 0.192 g/cc
0.00578 - 0.00694 lb/in³
Pyrotek C-1 Ceramic fiber paper
C-1 Fiberseal paper is a highly uniform paper which assures equal thermal conductivity throughout the product.ApplicationsHigh temperature gaskets Liners Expansion joints Thermal barrier Seals Blast..
Density 0.0961 - 0.192 g/cc
0.00347 - 0.00694 lb/in³
Mid-Mountain Materials PADMAT® MT1000 Needled Fiberglass Mat
Description: PADMAT® MT1000 fiberglass mat is comprised of high purity, high strength E-Glass fibers. These long fibers are mechanically needled into high strength, binderless insulation material..
Density 0.0480 - 0.192 g/cc
0.00173 - 0.00694 lb/in³
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool Blanket, Blanket S Mesh Enclosed Rounds, Strips and Blankets
Kaowool ceramic fiber blankets can be encased in stainless steel wire meshes for many useful purposes. The wire mesh alloy used is determined by the atmosphere and temperature the enclosed product w..
Density 0.144 - 0.192 g/cc
0.00521 - 0.00694 lb/in³
Range represents a tolerance from nominal of -10%/+20%; ASTM D1622
DIAB TBR® 10 Multifunctional Polymer Core Material
TBR® is a multifunctional polymer core designed for hard points within sandwich structures where through-bolting or point-loading would normally cause local crushing of low density sandwich cores. ..
Density 0.160 - 0.192 g/cc
0.00578 - 0.00694 lb/in³
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool 900 Paper
Kaowool Flex-Wrap is produced from a blend of Kaowool high purity ceramic fibers and organic binders in a unique paper making process. Due to its low organic binder content, offgassing is at a minim..
Density 0.160 - 0.192 g/cc
0.00578 - 0.00694 lb/in³
Pyrotek C-1 Fiber Seal Pre-cut Gasket
A highly uniform ceramic fiber paper offering even thermal conductivity.Information provided by Pyrotek.
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