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PRODUCT NO. Category Trade Name
Esstech X-167-0000 Glass Ionomer Cement Liquid Adhesive
Esstech X-167-0340 Glass Ionomer Cement Liquid Adhesive
Esstech X-167-0470 Glass Ionomer Cement Liquid Adhesive
Esstech X-744-0000 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Phosphate, C6H11O6P Adhesive
Esstech X-745-0000 1,3-Glycerol Dimethacrylate/Succinate Adduct, C15H20O8 Adhesive
Esstech X-753-0000 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate/Succinate, C10H14O6 Adhesive
Esstech X-756-0000 1,3-Glycerol Dimethacrylate/Maleate Adduct, C15H18O8 Adhesive
Esstech X-821-0000 Methacroyloxyethyl Phthalate, C14H14O6 Adhesive
Esstech X-829-0050 Adhesive Monomer PMGDM, 50% (w/w) Solution in Acetone, C32H34O16 Adhesive
Esstech X-829-7100 PMGDM, 50% (w/w) Solution in Triethyleneglycol Dimethacrylate, C32H34O16 Adhesive
Esstech X-846-0000 Methacroyloxyethyl Maleate, C10H12O6 Adhesive
Esstech X-863-0050 Surface Active Monomer, NTG-GMA, Sodium Salt, C16H20NO5Na Adhesive
Esstech X-863-0070 Surface Active Monomer, NTG-GMA, Magnesium Salt, C32H40N2O10Mg Adhesive
Esstech X-865-0000 Adhesive Monomer PMDM, C22H22O12 Adhesive
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