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Silon PA 0835 HD Processing Aid Concentrate

Category Other Engineering Material , Additive/Filler for Polymer
Manufacturer Silon
Trade Name
Port Ningbo port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Masterbatch with a highly effective processing aid for polyethylene, especially PE-HD. By using the PA 0835 HD, the output can be markedly increased and the pressure build-up in the barrel decreased without increasing the screw speed. The result is an increase of the screw lifetime. PA 0835 HD prevents the build-up of deposits in the die that are caused by high pigment concentration (titanium dioxide), flame retardant, and blowing agents. Blown hollow articles from PE-HD types with different densities will get a markedly improved surface by the dosage of PA 0835 HD.Information provided by Silon
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Bulk Density 0.550 g/cc
0.0199 lb/in³
Density 0.980 g/cc
0.0354 lb/in³
Volatiles <= 0.25 %
<= 0.25 %
Melt Flow 7.62 g/10 min

@Load 2.16 kg,
Temperature 190 °C
7.62 g/10 min

@Load 4.76 lb,
Temperature 374 °F
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