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DuPont Teijin Films Mylar® MO Polyester Film, 500 Gauge

Category Polymer , Film , Thermoplastic , Polyester, TP , Polyester Film
Manufacturer DuPont Teijin Films (DTF)
Trade Name Mylar®
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Product Description: Mylar® MO polyester film has excellent electrical properties. This film offer exceptional cut-through resistance, low shrinkage, low moisture absorption, and high thermal durability. Mylar® MO film is used as insulation in systems that have been given Class B ratings by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It offers product uniformity that enhances processing on automatic slot and wedge insertion equipment. The inherit mechanical durability of Mylar® Type MO film and its good dielectric and thermal durability characteristics give this film multiple advantages in motors and generators. Typical Applications: Mylar® MO film is being widely used for electrical insulation in slot liners, wedges, and phase insulation for motors and generators. This film is also frequently used in hermetic motor/compressor sealed units, fractional horse power motors, diaphragms, and industrial laminations.Approvals: UL 94 VTM-2 - for 500 gauge ( 0.13 mm only)Information provided by DuPont.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 1.3923 g/cc
0.050300 lb/in³
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Film Elongation at Break, MD 140 %
140 %
Film Elongation at Break, TD 115 %
115 %
Film Tensile Strength at Break, MD 186 MPa
27000 psi
Film Tensile Strength at Break, TD 207 MPa
30000 psi
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Heat Capacity 1.17 J/g-°C
0.280 BTU/lb-°F
Typical Mylar®
Melting Point 254 °C
489 °F
Typical Mylar® via DSC
Shrinkage, MD 1.1 %

@Temperature 150 °C,
Time 1800 sec
1.1 %

@Temperature 302 °F,
Time 0.500 hour
Shrinkage, TD 0.70 %

@Temperature 150 °C,
Time 1800 sec
0.70 %

@Temperature 302 °F,
Time 0.500 hour
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Refractive Index 1.64 - 1.67
1.64 - 1.67
typical of Mylar®
Optical Density 14
Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
Dielectric Strength 106 kV/mm
2700 kV/in
1/4" electrode 500 V/sec 25°C in air; ASTM D149
Dielectric Breakdown 13500 V
13500 V
1/4" electrode 500 V/sec 25°C in air; ASTM D149
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Yield (nominal) 4000 in2/lb
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