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NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 2908C HDPE Injection Molding Resin

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Polyethylene (PE) , HDPE , High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Injection Molded
Manufacturer NOVA Chemicals
Trade Name Sclair®
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
High stiffness, Maximum impact strength and toughnessApplications: Tote boxes, Beverage cratesAdditives: AntioxidantInformation provided by NOVA Chemicals.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 0.961 g/cc
0.0347 lb/in³
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance <= 10 hour
<= 10 hour
F<sub>50</sub>; Condition A, 100% Igepal; ASTM D1693
Melt Flow 10 g/10 min

@Load 2.16 kg,
Temperature 190 °C
10 g/10 min

@Load 4.76 lb,
Temperature 374 °F
ASTM D1238
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Shore D 66
ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength, Yield 29.0 MPa
4210 psi
50 mm/min; ASTM D638
Elongation at Break 900 %
900 %
50 mm/min; ASTM D638
Flexural Modulus 1.28 GPa
186 ksi
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Vicat Softening Point 129 °C
264 °F
ASTM D1525
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Melt Temperature 170 - 215 °C
338 - 419 °F
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