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Momentive Performance Materials SS4179 Silicone Primer for use with RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealants, Clear

Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoset , Silicone , Silicone, RTV, Adhesive/Sealant Grade
Manufacturer Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Trade Name
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
SS4004P, SS4044P, SS4120, SS4155, and SS4179 primers are formulated for use with GE Silicones RTV silicone rubber adhesive sealants.  GE Silicones one-component products offer primerless adhesion to many substrates.  Primers are used to help promote adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates.  For most GE Silicones two-component products, a primer is required when an adhesive bond is needed between the silicone rubber compound and a non-silicone surface (see table below).  All primers are one-component products requiring no mixing and are supplied ready-to-use as easily pourable solvent solutions.SS4179 primer helps promote adhesion of GE Silicones sealant to difficult-to-bond plastic substrates including:acrylicsacrylonitrile-butadiene0styrene(ABS)cellulosics(cellulose acetate)high-impact styrenepolyphenylene oxide resins(PPO®)polysulfonespolyestersrigid polyvinylchloride(PVC)thermoplastic resins(Noryl®)Recommended for 1 part condensation RTVs.Key Performance Properties: One-component - no mixingSimple handling procedures and equipment for easy use and low processing cost.Dry at room temperature and ambient humidity conditionsHelps promote adhesion to many substratesSS4044P, SS4120 and SS4179 primers are transparent to preserve visibility of colorless products.GE Silicones became a part of Momentive Performance Materials in 2006.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 0.980 g/cc
0.980 g/cc
Solids Content 6.0 %
6.0 %
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Flash Point -3.00 °C
26.6 °F
Pensky-Martin Closed Cup
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Transmission, Visible 90 %
90 %
clear; thickness not quantified
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Cure Time 15 min
0.25 hour
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Color Clear, Colorless
D.O.T. Label Flammable
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