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Polymer Property : Flexural Strength = 430 MPa Product List

Mechanical Properties

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Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Flexural Strength 430 MPa

@Thickness >=1.50 mm
62400 psi

@Thickness >=0.0591 in
24hr/23°C/50% RH; ISO 178; IEC/EN 60893-2 5.1
Elektro-Isola G-Etronax EP 215 S Epoxy, Glass Fabric Reinforcement, Green, Sheets
Description: Particularly good, lasting strength properties and insulation values even at high application temperatures. Radiation-resistant. Can be used at cryogenic temperatures. Very good where t..
Flexural Strength 430 MPa

@Treatment Temp. 150 °C,
Time 3600 sec
62400 psi

@Treatment Temp. 302 °F,
Time 1.00 hour
ISO 178; IEC/EN 60893-2 5.1
Elektro-Isola G-Etronax PI Polyimide, Glass Fabric Reinforcement, Dark Brown, Sheets
Description: The most temperature-resistant material of all types. Retains its outstanding mechanical properties even at very high application temperatures. Applications: Used as thermal insulation ..
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