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Polymer Property : Thickness = 984 mil Product List

Physical Properties

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Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Thickness 25000 microns
984 mil
Microtherm Group Molded Pipe Sections Filament Reinforced Silica Pipe Insulation
Microtherm® Moulded Pipe Sections (MPS) are preformed pieces of pipe insulation designed to provide a thermally efficient insulation system for piping of all sizes from 25 mm (1”) upwards. F..
Thickness 25000 microns
984 mil
Thermal Ceramics Cerafiber® Wet Pack
Cerafiber Wet Pack is manufactured by combining Cerablanket®, a needled refractory fiber blanket, and inorganic binding agents. Cerafiber Wet Pack is packaged in moist form in polyethylene bags. It..
Thickness 25000 - 50000 microns
984 - 1970 mil
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool S Blanket
Kaowool S Blanket is produced from high quality spun fibers. It is available in a wide variety of densities and sizes, and offers a highly cost effective alternative to Cerablanket with its 2300°F ..
Thickness 25000 microns
984 mil
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool Wet Felt
Thermal Ceramics Kaowool Wet Felt is manufactured by combining Kaowool ceramic fiber with an inorganic bonding agent. It is very pliable with good green strength. Wet Felt may be cut into any size o..
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