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Polymer Property : Thickness = 15000 microns Product List

Physical Properties

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Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Thickness 15000 - 50000 microns
591 - 1970 mil
Microtherm Group Board Filament Reinforced Pyrogenic Silica Thermal Insulation
Microtherm® Board is a high performance thermal insulation made at a lower density than normal Microtherm products. The insulation is an opacified blend of filament reinforced pyrogenic silica, s..
Thickness 15000 - 30000 microns
591 - 1180 mil
according to rating
Microtherm Group Slim&Light Fire Resistant Insulation
Microtherm® Slim&Light is a thin lightweight panel of ultra - high performance microporous thermal insulation. It is a highly efficient barrier to flame and heat. Microtherm® Slim&Light allows..
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