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Thermal Ceramics Kaomat Blanket

Category Ceramic , Oxide
Manufacturer Thermal Ceramics
Trade Name Kaomat
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Thermal Ceramics Kaomat insulation is a non-woven needle-felted "E" fiberglass mat. Kaomat is an economical insulating material used extensively in both the marine and commercial insulation markets. It is noncombustible, chemically stable, resists corrosion and is certifiable to MIL-I-24244 and NRC 1.36.Features:No “shot” blanket, Excellent dimensional stability, High tensile strength, Available in module form.Applications:Asbestos replacement, Steam and gas turbine blanket, Insulation of marine exhaust systems, Low temperature (
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 0.144 g/cc
0.00520 lb/in³
Thickness 6300 microns
248 mil
13000 microns
512 mil
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Thermal Conductivity 0.0600 W/m-K

@Temperature 149 °C
0.416 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F

@Temperature 300 °F
0.0800 W/m-K

@Temperature 260 °C
0.555 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F

@Temperature 500 °F
0.0900 W/m-K

@Temperature 371 °C
0.625 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F

@Temperature 700 °F
Maximum Service Temperature, Air 593 °C
1100 °F
649 °C
1200 °F
Shrinkage 2.00 %

@Temperature 649 °C,
Time 86400 sec
2.00 %

@Temperature 1200 °F,
Time 24.0 hour
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Fire Resistance incombustible
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