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Abatron AboCoat 8204-15/AboCure 8204-15 Epoxy Coating

Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoset , Epoxy , Epoxy Adhesive
Manufacturer Abatron
Trade Name AboCoat
Port Ningbo port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
AboCoat 8204-15 is a flammable light-blue liquid resin. AboCure 8204-115 is a flammable clear amber liquid converter. AboCoat 8204-15/AboCure 8204-15 is a dielectric coating for high chemical, solvent, and thermal resistance. It is a highly crosslinked 2-component epoxy system designed for applications requiring superior resistance to most solvents and chemicals used in treating, cleaning, and degreasing electric and electronic components. It is excellent for metals and other surfaces in highly corrosive and high-temperature environments. Due to its special chemical structure, this epoxy compound offers very high rigidity and prolonged resistance to 208°C (406°F). It is a high-requirement protective coating and corrosion inhibitor for most surfaces. In metal applications, it not only protects metal against corrosion, but it prevents corrosion's spreading when painted over tightly bound rust. The system is designed to yield films as thin as 1-4 mils (0.03-0.1 mm) each coating layer. Thicker single-layers (from 5 mils up to several inches thick) for resurfacing, filling depressions, cracks, etc., are obtained with AboCast solventless epoxies. This system has superior salt-spray resistance in marine applications, alkali resistance (which is essential against harsh cleaners and chemicals), resistance to alkalis generated electrolytically under coatings, superior solvent resistance (as needed in many degreasing and surface preparation procedures), high organic and inorganic acid resistance (necessary in many processed), and general chemical resistance (unaffected by corrosive industrial and marine environments, atmospheric conditions, water, most fuels, detergents, oils and greases). It has interior and exterior durability (no cracking, checking, or noticeable corrosion were present in tests of exposure to extreme temperatures). It can be used as: a protective coating of metal furniture or components against exposure to water and harsh chemicals in laboratories, plants, hospitals, and other critical environments; a primerless coating for difficult surfaces in corrosive and very hot environments; a superior primer or first-coat before acid-proof paints, patching compounds, or high-grade solventless epoxies on difficult surfaces, to insure best wetting, adhesion, and film continuity and durability. It is available in many colors.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 1.07 g/cc
0.0385 lb/in³
Solids Content 48 %
48 %
Brookfield Viscosity 200 cP
200 cP
/ 6 rpm; spindle #2
300 cP
300 cP
/ 3 rpm; spindle #2
500 cP
500 cP
/ 1.5 rpm; spindle #2
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Cure Time 30.0 - 90.0 min

@Temperature 100 - 160 °C
0.500 - 1.50 hour

@Temperature 212 - 320 °F
or longer
Pot Life 2400 min

@Temperature 24.0 °C
2400 min

@Temperature 75.2 °F
500 g
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Color Light-Blue
Hardening Time (min) 13
Parts by Weight (pbw) 100
AboCoat 8204-15
AboCure 8204-15
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